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Collaborations and private instructables? Answered

How do collaborations work with the new editor?

Are we still able to publish instructables as "private"?


Specifically, I am working on an instructable with this account*, and would like to collaborate with my usual account to save a lot of logging in and out. I have added "Kiteman" as a collaborator, but how do I get that information from LightWorks to Kiteman?

Also, the Instructable concerned is a bit spammy**, so I want to avoid upsetting folk and publish it privately to share elsewhere. Is that still an option?

(*Just to be clear, this is Kiteman, using my corporate identity)

(**But if folk ask nicely, I'd be happy to post it publicly.)

Hey Mr. K,

Is there a way to find out what the private features are? I am interested in doing the same thing. Is there a limit at how many people can view. Do you share the link? I know nothing about this. Any information would be appreciated, thanks~


You make a project "private" when you are in edit mode - click the
bullet-point menu button at the top-left of the Edit page and you will
get an option for "Private".

This gives you a URL that you can
share with as many people as you like, it just won't show up on your
orange board or in a search of the site (I don't know about a Google

The same drop-down has the Collaborate options for letting other people edit the same project.

Thank so much, I will check it out. Have a great day.


Both 'collaboration' and 'private' can be found in the left-hand dropdown when editing your Instructable.

Dang, I seem to be asking a lot of dumb questions at the moment...

let me know how you go with that, I did a collaboration last year and it stopped working. Never did figger out why

Well, LW sent KM the URL of the instructable in Edit, and it still seems to work.

I haven't tried the Private bit yet.

Nah, there's plenty of changes with the new editor just being the editor :)