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Collage Dorm decor? Answered

My sister is going to collage in August and i want to give her something to remind her of me. She loves music and art. Also animals but I don't really know what to do. I want it to be really special.


How about a photo "collage" for her "college" dorm?

The photos of family and friends will be nice when she's feeling home sick. ;)

Hey my sis is going to college in august to! She is majoring in musical theatre so i am getting her all of the different playbills I can find. Also since she is going to UA I am getting her some maps of Tuscaloosa and other cities in Alabama. If you tell me her major I could give you some ideas!

Wow my sister is majoring in two things! Music theater and medical sciences!!! :)

Take a large canvas, and glue many pictures of different things all over it. In particular, pictures of the sort of rooms that college students live in. Make sure you cover the entire canvas with those pictures, all overlapping and oriented in different directions. That will be a great Collage Dorm.

+1 my son still has his with many pictures added from his university days.


6 years ago

Velvet black light hippy posters. You probably can't even find them anymore.

I have one of Snoopy sitting on top of his dog house saying "I think I'm allergic to mourning"