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College Room Help Answered

Hello. I've been sleeping in the same room for a while and I'm getting bored of it. I want to get a contemporary sofa bed because my room is kinda small and i think i can save some space by getting this instead of a bed. I would like to create/buy things to furnish my room that no one else has lol. I just want awesome DIY art and tech stuff that will make my room more personal and just feel like I made this room what it is. I want the theme to be like a urban/graffiti contemporary college dorm room type of feel. If anyone can help me out that would be super cool! -Rolling


I'm going through the same sort of thing, where I want to add personality to my dorm room (but cheaply!). What I did to add some urban-ish flavor, was use bricks and particle board to make simple shelving units/bookcases/places to throw crap. How: - 2 bricks on the floor about 3" away from where the ends of the 3' shelves with be. Putting the short side of the bricks up will raise the first shelf just up off the ground enough to look nice and give you a "toe-kick" area. Putting the long-side up gives extra height to the finished thing and gives you an area to put your shoes under so you're not tripping over them in the room. If you decide for the first bricks to be long-side up, you need 2 bricks on each side of the board, still about 3" from the end but as close to either edge as possible. - Lay the first shelf on top of the bricks, centering it as much as possible. - Place two bricks standing up/long-side up on each end, 3" from the end and as close to the edges as possible, then lay another shelf on top of them, as centered as possible. - Repeat for how many shelves you want, I stuck to 2 for a TV stand and 3 for bookcase/table. - If the heights of the bricks are uneven, causing that teetering sensation, sugar packets work like always, but I put an extra brick on either end over the line of bricks and that stopped the teetering. 8" long bricks are just big enough for DVD cases, and 9-3/4" long bricks are just big enough for hardback books, but neither for notebooks, textbooks, or binders. I'm still trying to find a structurally sound way of fixing that with really cheap materials. Using these materials ($35 total at Lowes) - 4 particle boards 1'x12"x6', each cut roughly in half - 30 red bricks (the longer the better) I got 2 3-shelf bookcases/tables and a 2-shelf TV stand/entertainment center. Now it's not the most structural of things, but I've dropped stuff onto these things, leaved camping chairs up against them, and even have my printer that shakes like crazy when it prints on them and they're holding up great. You can paint the particle board if you like, it takes paint well, I just left it alone. I lucked out and have access to a workshop to cut the boards in half, but I'm pretty sure that any chain lumber store would cut the boards for you when you buy them. Also, you can use other types of wood, I just decided that since particle board doesn't warp and I wouldn't have to sand it or worry about cutting through knots, that it was easier. The boards were about $6 per 6ft board after tax, and the bricks were $0.57 per brick. The only problem I encountered was transporting the 6' boards to my shop and getting everything up and into my dorm room without too many trips. A big box (to stack the bricks in) on a dolly works very well--only took me one trip. Have fun with it!

i was thinking about just selling my bed that i have on ebay and buying a sofa bed, thats what i want to do i think, i dont know how to change it from a bed to sofa...=/

Add a back from a smaller mat or cardboard (or styro) boxes wrapped in cloth Maybe tilt it back - insert some stuff under the front end of it

Turn the bed into something else and sleep on the floor I'd prefer sleeping in a hammok next to the window so that Im almost outside

I would turn it into a sofa and still you could sleep on it It be a deep sofa but comfy