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So, what is your plan, what plan are you executing, or what was your plan? (not yet in college, in college, graduated) Just curious. I want to go to The Art Institutes or University of Florida for a bachelors in fine arts or business, and then go to Brooks in California for my masters in photography.



11 years ago

I went to the University of Pennsylvania ("Not Penn State"), largely because they had a mens' gymnastic team at an appropriate level for me, which was very important at the time (lots of places had good engineering schools.) I had a vision of a sort of triple major in EE, physics, and chemistry, which would have plopped me down in the middle of the microelectronics industry; I thought I wanted to make computer chips. This was rather unrealistic, and I was lucky to graduate intact with just an EE after four years. Moreover, I discovered a predilection for software; messy low-level assembly language and such of a sort that was not well matched to any of the advanced courses of study in vogue at the time (AI, natural language, compilers. feh!) So I was happy to move into industry instead of taking my education further. Penn was on the ARPANet, and my on-campus job got me access, and the ARPANet got me my first job (and to some extent WAS my first job.) (Do not overlook resources at college that are outside of normal classes and classwork!)

Favorite quote: "No, you can't build a computer network for your senior design project; that would be too much of a software thing." Penn is also famous for not patenting the computer, since the potential market was only about half a dozen for the whole world... :-)


11 years ago

4.5 years at VT getting my BSEE. i trained in and did analog design for a year or two in an office of mostly jaded engineers (3 EEs meant i got to do a lot of stuff.) when my (amazing) mentor retired i realized it was time to go. there, too, i learned how to troubleshoot and repair old electronics. never got my EIT or PE. then eight years playing guitar in a punk band. now i'm contracting 8-10 hours a day so i can finish learning how to build a house from people who know, and wondering how you guys find the time to make stuff. maybe i should stop sleeping. none of this was part of a real plan, but i've had an amazing life so far. i've also lived reasonably comfortably without a "real job" since '98.

I'm in 9th Grade, I'm hoping to go to MIT for Aerospace Engineering or some thing along that line. Any one got any tips to get there?

I am currently a freshman in high school, and I have some time before I really need to consider taking a look at the jobs I like, and the colleges that I want to go to. I want to apply to some top-notch schools first, even though it will be hard to get in. These schools are MIT, Princeton or Harvard. The next set of colleges are Virgnia, Cornell, Pitt, NYIT, Gettysburg. Something along those lines. I want to study either computer sciences, electrical engineering, or maybe even both. I have a Distinguished Honors GPA (thats all I know), and I have already coded a few programs using the VB.net framework. Hopefully I can be happy wherever I go. -Brennn10

I've been at UCF for three years now.... I have another 3 semesters.... And then, it seems likely, I too will sit in front of a computer all day long somewhat like Eric :p

How I got here.... my SAT scores weren't so hot (I think an 1170) - not too bad for not preparing, but I kinda wish I did (it hasn't been a problem school wise though). I graduated HS with a weighted 4.2 - unweighted 3.8/3.9.

UCF was my first choice and I was quite ballsy to only apply at one school. If I could afford it, I would have applied to Embry Riddle. But, I wanted Engineering and for in-state schools, I don't regret my decisions given the opportunities outside of school that are local to me (Siemens is literally across the street, Lockheed is a short drive, the Space Coast is right here....). I applied before I started my senior year of HS - I was accepted two weeks later. It's a GREAT feeling walking into the last year of high school and already knowing you were accepted to the university of your choice.

As for the future.... I'd like to get my PE (Professional Engineer) once I have some experience under my belt... If you've never heard of this before... It's a full day written exam (120 questions in the morning, 60 in the afternoon) - no calculator, must get a scaled 70% to pass (this is the FE exam - Fundamentals of Engineering). Then, work under a P.E. for at least 4 years. Then, you are eligible to take the P.E. exam -- not exactly sure how that test is structured - but it's 100% application, takes an entire day and they can ask just about anything, including engineering ethics.

I know this is already long.... But anecdotally... There was a person at my University that was doing his oral PhD dissertation... Someone from the boar asked him "What is the ultimate tensile stress of a Pringle Chip." I've also heard of a question related to "What is the optimum value of r for vibration isolation." The answer to that question being the square root of 2 ;) Sorry to go off on a tangent there -- it's finals week :p

I went to the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) and I got a degree in Aerospace Engineering and Mechanics (yep, I get to say I'm a rocket scientist) and now I get to spend my days working with commercial jetliners. I got out in 4 years and didn't fail any classes so it all worked out pretty well. Do you have more specific questions or were you just looking for what people had done?

Freshman in high school now. I was looking at K-State Salina, because they are set along a 12,500 foot runway, but then I learned that they have agricultural, chemical, mechanical, electrical, and civil engineering, they have aeronautics, but they don't have aerospace engineering. Now I'm looking at Wichita State in-duh-Wichita, because they have an excellent aerospace engineering program and they are in Wichita, along with Boeing, Beechcraft, Cessna, and eleven airports in or just outside the city limits, in addition to the bazillions outside. Perdue would be nice, but out of my price range.

Nine years of MIT, and now I sit in front a computer all day long. Maybe if no one is looking, I'll sneak out of work and go kitesurfing tomorrow.