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Colored border around the avatar Answered

Anyone know what the colors around peoples avatar represent?


Your avatar image is whatever you put in the image. But if you are referring to the colored bar with numbers at the bottom of the avatar thumbnail image, it is some tiered color code corresponding to the number of ibles published. If you have none, there is no color bar under the avatar. No one has really bothered to figure out the color code nor is it published somewhere.

yeah, i knew the hand, but I didnt understand the color codes...

Observed so far..
25 and above orange
17 to 24 red
9 to 14 green
1 to 7 blue

yeah, I snooped around a bit and got the same thing... though, The highest number instructables I seen was 267 i think... Who has the most?

There are a couple of old forum topics when they tried to do the "rankings" sitewide and evolved into the personal stats displayed. I guess you can put up a topic to see if staff will run the numbers again.

<------------The colored border around the avatar on the comments... What do the represent?