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Colorful Straw Lamp Answered

Have about 1500 colorful straws lying around after your last party? Of course you do! Instead of tossing them out you can clean them up and make this technicolor lamp that a kid would love.

The directions are pretty helpful, but could use some process shots. So if anyone's looking for an Instructable idea, here you go.

Straw Pendant light
via Make blog


great creativity dude. What to say more about it?!!

What would it look like with bent bendy straws???

That looks tight, you should make an actual Instructable on how to make it though.

they can't if they didn't think of the idea, the original inventor has to

Well... first, anyway... ;-)

oh, if you look at the license you have to at least think that you are the original creator, even though nobody actually cares because they don't know if you knew or not

yeah show us a picture of it in the dark! sweet though!

Holy Crap, This is pretty neat,you should sell it when or if you get old...

Very neat. Can you send me one? JK

very interesting would like to see it lit up in the dark.


9 years ago

I bought metal slurpee straws from 711 just so i never accumulate this many wasted plastic straws in my life. So unfortunately, you guys will never see me make this into an instructable.


9 years ago

Freakin' awesome!