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Combat Arms experiances Answered

Hi guys. as some of you may know, there is this amazing online FPS called Combat Arms, and since i know that a lot of people like this game, i created this forum in which we can all share our experiances and other cool things that happened to them while playing the game.

If you are interested in Knex, you may also submit cool ideas for guns or other things from Combat Arms that you would like others to build.

I would like this forum to be as friendly as possible, so please no calling eachother nerds, n00bs, addict, or anything else ok?

if you would like, leave your player user name so that others can add you to their Combat Arms accouts and make buddies with each other. Also, to make this more interesting, you can also put screen shots here for others to view.

I have provided a link to the combat arms website for those of you who would like to know a little more about the game and those who would like to download it.

Remeber! I am not a hacker! Many people have reported me for hacking just because I play good! My kdr is 1.42!

If you would like to challenge me on combat arms, please notify me on my forum. If you win, then I will subscribe you, 5 up all your 'ibles, and choose 2 of them as my favorites.

If you have nx, please share some with me. You don't have too if you don't want too, but it would be much appreciated! :)

Below is a list of the usernames on this site, to their names on Combat Arms. also, those of you who play this game, please leave behind your kdr so that others may know more about your online player, as well as your clan if you are in one.

1. knexsniper1 -- combatguru -- 1.42 -- NeVabaKdown4life
2. Jared1234 -- SUPERFREAK12
3. Logicboy -- logicboy
4. lioneatr -- knexmaster
5. bighead5454 -- bighead5454

News: i am now offering training sessions for anyone who would like to further develope their skillz at this game! :P i you would like a training session from me, then i will be more than willing to teach you, but it has to be at a time that works for me! also, as payment for the lessons, i will accept five ups on my ibls or subscriptions! :P

Have fun! :)


Why do people like to post their KDR and put other people down for it? Who cares? I play to have fun. Sometimes I actually do play to win but that's rare. I don't care what game it is (I don't play combat arms), but it seems that in ever FPS community there is way too much emphasis on KD.

Who has put anyone down for the KDR?? I don't see any comments below displaying animosity.

Mostly it happens within the game itself, when MLG wannabe tryhard pros get mad at people who play for fun.

However, you are right about the emphasis on KD

dildo gun lol

6. richardman39 -- hedzup456 -- 0.7 -- (sorry cant remember, ill update later)

a while back i got a revenge, multi kill, nutshot with one shot using an l96, three people ran at me i aimed and shot and killed all 3

wow! the best ive ever gotten was a double kill. one headshot and one nut shot. one guy was ducking and another was upright behind him. i headshotted the first gun, and hit the other guys where it hurts :P this was with an sr25

hehehe Im a sniper but because I dont really get to play much I always get stuck with the m16, my parents wont let me buy nx to get a sr25 permanently

i sort of agree with your parents. tell me, does it really make sense to pay for a free game? besides, sr25 is really cheap, only 1100 gp. i have over 50,000 gp, so im set :P im totally beastly with both ump and m60 and i can no scope with the sr25 and l96, but i prefer sr25. i am an expert sniper at this game. :)

yes but the thing is I only get like an hour on a week so it is hard to save up gp when you get 1 hour sessions, I havn't actually been on for about a month =P also I prefer to bunnyhop with a spas 12

aww, that sucks, you only get on for an hour a week :( why?? bunnyhop is good to do with low recoil guns. it's really fun to do that with the knife because you mostly get headshots like that :) i haven't had the chance to add you yet. have you played the new map?

shot gun is good to bunnyhop because it fires slow, is short range and has a large blast area-zone thing. and I have played power surge if thats the map your talking about, the last time I was on was 3 days after it came out =P

oh, im talking about the newest one its called quarantine you have to fight zombies so there are two teams, infected, and humans you should try it out!

Wow, where to you live??? Because over here, it was 12 when you got on! I was sleeping

umm, ok then, you dont have to tell me, but can you atlease tell me if you live on North America? or asia or where?

O.O how'd you know? luckily it was insured :P construction has already began on another one, larger than the first, and indestructable!

that ones probably gone too I now have a army of 10,000 droids patrolling the moon XD my moon hehehe

Laugh it up, because while you laugh, a missile capable of destroying 999,999,999,999,999,999.1 droids like yours!!! And on the chance that yours do survive, I'll get the autobots to fight you! XD!!

droids activate neutron cannons and jetpacks. also the autobots make good toasters

oh yea? well you forgot about my secret weapon! optimus prime!!! i sent only some of the auto bots, not the beastly ones! the autobots destroy your entire droid army, scavange the parts to become undefeatable, and build me a glass dome for my summer home on the moon! then they make toast from the toasters

noooo!!!! not optimus prime!! i retreat to my secret headquarters, that you will never know about, and you cannot know about it, or else you die, as the powers are bestowed upon me! i reterat there, to brainstorm my acounterattack.

Launches a knexsniper1 tracking missle destroyer, that doubles as a logicboy tracking missle!!

they only get a kick in the butt because that is all chuck Norris was albe to do!! The trio kill chuck Norris, and surround your location

oh does he? well, he is still alive in your body as you eat him, and starts to dissasemble your body from the inside. you are now moments away from dieing due to internal bleeding!

how can you be alive when your body has had all the internal organs removed, bones revomoved, grinded up in to mince, turned in sausages, cooked at 200ºc and eaten? also my stomache is made of tungsten carbide, one of the hardest things known to man and my stomache acid has a Ph of -1,000,000.

your mom has an acide ph of 10000000000 or whateva! oh!!!! what you gonna say now dawg?! oh yea, that was my clone! i made him so that if that happens he blows up with the strength of 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 H-bombs! i believe you are now dead!

uses 3 seconds of invunrability to shoot knexsniper1 in the nuts with my sr25 and wins the game

i use my cooling ray to cool the tempreture of the sun, then i come back and kick you into a sharks mouth. you get swallowed!