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Combining PC with.....A FAN! Answered

This idea just popped into my brain last nite.Why not use strong automobile fans to cool the PC?Just mount it on the panel(geek points for duct tape)and off u go!Most engine fans run on 12VDC now and a pc has that,then SPLICE THE TWO TOGETHER!Advice and flaming will be appreciated


What's wrong with a fan like this one?


Oh yeah, and what would one thing of using a transmission rad out of a truck for a basis for a water cooling block?

. Sounds like overkill, but it should work very well. With that volume and cooling area, you may not need a fan. Set it up in a housing and natural convection may be enough.

And natural convection is so quite, and there is really nothing to fail since it's just a heat sink, it's environmentally friendly there is no extra power required for fans, and most important to gamers, it stays clean because you not blowing hundreds to thousands of cubes of air over it every minute......

Well actually I was going to blow at least a few hundred feet of air. Even without using fans for cooling, there still needs to be a pump to pump the coolant right?

even better yet, run hoses to reach to my A/C in my window and put the rad infront of that?

i've ssen this before, it takes like 1400 watts to power it!

I've had this idea for a while now,
It would be loud, DANGEROUS, and COOL

oh ya, it will =EAT= your psu

something like this?


PSU's getting eaten ?? You need this PSU, Once your done welding your fan in with it, you should be able to drive it ...LOL... it's got to be what 150 + amps at 12 volts

i don't think anyone can cram that into a computer... it's 10 inches in length... ya, just jam it into both 5.25 inch bays, it will work like a charm $500 for a PSU? forget that, get a couple car batteries with a 100 1.5A 12v voltage regulators that fan should eat more then 15A i'm estimating 2A should be good

It will fit several cases, but I didn't see the price on that model, I know the 1600 watt was about $490... And that fan is more in the 25 amp area and 75 amp to get it started... Also what about the noise, I can hear them starting up over the engine noise, 50 feet away from the car....

There are variable voltage regulators, but you would need like 25 of them, each one heat-sinked

Just use one and have the output drive a transistor like a 2N3055 (( maybe a few of them )) it's cheaper and transistors like the 2N3055 can take a real beating with out failing.... (( Or if you want to do it efficiently you'd use a Pulse Width Modulation Supply ))

does it really eat that much power? you'd be better of using computer fans on you car!

They do but they also don't run all the time and the average car altanator is over 100 Amps and some are in the + 200 Amp range, even old ones are in the 60 to 70 amp range, and this is also backed up by a large lead acid battery which will output the bulk of the startup current when it's not moving , and the startup current, most of the time on a car is not as high, because the fan is normally spinning while you drive, just by passing through the air.... And if you have to buy lots of computer fans new, it would be more costly then one large fan, plus from the service point, there is only one part to fail not several....

. If you're talking about the radiator cooling fan, that's one of the worst cases of overkill I've ever seen. Do you have any idea how much air those fans move? . May not be problem, but I'd be afraid the inrush current would kill the PSU. . Standard computer fans are cheap. Free if you have some old computers laying around.

no i dont,ya it might kill it the cheapness is correct but my pc floats at 60C idle with cover off

Hehe, the fan for my truck is bigger than my computer.

Oh.Then go to the local auto store and get one
my a/c repair shop has millions of those