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Come to the TechShop Orlando Community Meet-Up Party Saturday Night (2/23/08)! Answered

Where Do You Make YOUR Instructables? Make Them at TechShop Orlando!

If you haven't heard about TechShop yet, TechShop is an open workshop space that provides its members with access to many tools and machines, and a place that they can just hang out and work on their projects. TechShop also offers lots of short, inexpensive classes on all the tools and equipment to members and non-members. Most importantly, TechShop is a full-time community for Makers.

TechShop is currently in operation in Menlo Park, California, and is opening 9 locations, including one in Orlando, Florida, this summer. TechShop's founder Jim Newton and TechShop Orlando partner Robin Lopez invite all Orlando area Makers to come to the TechShop Orlando Community Meet-Up Party on Saturday, February 23 from 7 to 10 PM. You'll have the chance to talk about what you want to see at the Orlando TechShop facility, and find out what their plans are during an open Q/A session. Pizza and soft drinks will be provided by TechShop, and there will be a no-host bar.

If you can attend, TechShop asks that you RSVP at the TechShop Orlando Web Site at:


If you have friends, relatives or know of clubs or groups that you think would like to know about TechShop Orlando, please invite them to come to this event by forwarding this message to them along with the RSVP link. All Orlando Makers are welcome!

TechShop Orlando - http://orlando.techshop.ws
Community Meet-Up Party Information - http://orlando.techshop.ws/rsvp.html
TechShop HQœ - http://www.techshop.ws


Hey just curious... I checked out the Tech Shop main page, here... www.techshop.ws Didn't see anything about Orlando Tech shop. I live fairly close to Orlando, and I noticed this original posting was like two years ago.... Did the Orlando Tech shop never happen or?

Either there is no TechShop Orlando, or the link to it is broken.

You can check out our website -- it lists the next locations to open. We're still growing, so we'll be in Indiana eventually, I have no doubt.


10 years ago

Where all are you going to have locations? Indiana perhaps?

When is there going to be anything in santa fe?

Yum... chocolate. I wish I could go. :-(