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Coming Soon: April Fools Day Contest Answered

Next week we'll be starting an April Fools Day Contest. So start thinking of some clever ideas for a prank that you'd like to pull on someone else. Prizes will be supplied by ThinkGeek.

The only rule is that there has to be something that you make for the prank. Any idea that you have for the prank needs to be fleshed out as your own project with original photos. Pictures of the prank being pulled are even better!

More details about the contest and prizes to be announced later this week.

The contest page is here.


I've got it! We really won't have truly advanced robotics until a robot can do this.

But I DO have a serious (MMMUAHAHAHAHA) high-tech idea or two, using an ***** and digitized ***** ...

Rickrolls are amateurish and are not welcome on this site. 

I do hope you have a good idea to work on or incur the wrath of the real pranksters here.

This one will be fun but I doubt that I will have what it takes to invent something very good.  Best wishes to all that enter!

It will be fun!!!!!

I emptied my husband's tool box and filled it with bananas one year, then I spent all night calling him 'monkey boy'. Every time I called him that he looked at me in the most curious way until he opened his tool box the next day. I put his tools in a shopping bag and hid them in his car.


8 years ago

Someone april fooled me last year- They came lumbering down the dock with a big tv box (our boat doesn't have a tv) and when he handed it to me to bring into the cabin... it was empty! He was not spoken to for a few days afterward.

Other then april fools jokes like that, I dont have very many pranks up my sleeve. too bad :(


8 years ago

 I'll try this!