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Coming Soon: Dadcando Family Fun Contest Answered

The new Dadcando book is very cool. So cool that we're teaming up with Dadcando for the Dadcando Family Fun Contest!

The theme of the contest is, well, fun with the family. Awesome projects, exciting activities, you name it. It's going to be great and it's going to be starting soon so start thinking of some great Instructables for it. We'll have more details soon.

Note: As with all the contests, wait for the contest to start before you publish. Thanks!


I miss lawn darts! ...and Billy.

Lawn darts? As a kid, many MANY moons ago, I played with a 25 lb bow and arrow......(we had lawn darts too).....and I only once nearly skewered my little sister into the field.....

I thought they outlawed Lawn Darts.... Otherwise I would be playing them right now.

Oh they did, but not before my family got a set and played a few times in the front lawn :-) in fact, it was long after we got them that they got outlawed.....

As near as I can tell, what's banned is the SALE of lawn darts. There's no ban on making them, owning them, or playing with them, although people who own them already are "encouraged" to get rid of them. Here's the relevant law: http://law.justia.com/us/cfr/title16/16- I've been working now and then on a design for simple-yet-functional lawn darts. If anyone's interested, I'll post an instructable about it when I get them done. In the meantime, I would not *ahem* recommend that anyone check out lawndartparts dot com. And just as a reminder: The fact that there's no ban on making lawn darts does not excuse anyone from normal duties of care in playing with them. Remember, people being stupid with these things are the reason they were banned in the first place.

Exactly, look how many people hurt themselves badly each year with just a simple hammer :-) After watching a marathon run of "1,000 ways to die" I am wondering if we should just outlaw some people from doing ANYTHING. *sigh*

Heard that. In looking up the law on this, I found some stats on lawn-dart deaths. Total lawn dart-related deaths in the US between 1970 and 1988: THREE. I don't mean to minimize the loss those three families went through, but I'll bet you a nickel that far more children were killed in that time by bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, BB guns, and/or trampolines. I didn't find stats on injuries, as opposed to deaths, but I seriously doubt that lawn darts have ever been the most serious threat to the health of American children.

I agree. And (also not trying to minimize the loss of the families involved) wonder how many "injuries/deaths" occurred because each team stood near the opposing teams "target". I mean, no one plays quoits or horseshoes that way (that is, they don't stand close enough to be struck by the incoming object). There is the matter of having to arch a lawn dart more then a horseshoe for accuracy and for getting it to "stick". Ah well, enough said I suppose :-)

Nice just finished some projects that fit right into this.

I was going to save them for the woodworking contest but that might take to long... When is the woodworkingcontest going to start btw?

No problem. I figure that it will take a while anyway since this is contest number 4 that is currently open the woodworking one will be saved for august or something..

By that time I probably found something new to make so no worries there :)

So when is this one starting? My ible is almost complete just need to add/change a few lines :)

I'm waiting for this contest !

Does the "definition" of "a family" need to include "children"? Would doing/building something (fun) for one's spouse be acceptable?

Wiktionary has several definitions for a family, one of which is:

"A group of people related by blood, marriage, law, or custom."

Technically, yes. :D

I hope there's a drinking contest. I can do that.

Ooooh this one's gonna get some great entries!! :D