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Coming Soon: Health by Design Contest Answered

Coming soon to Instructables.com: the Health by Design Contest! We want to see any Instructable that can promote a healthy lifestyle or make life easier for those whose lives have been changed by injury, sickness, or a disability.

This contest is open to all sorts of Instructables. Promote activity with an inexpensive bit of exercise equipment, make a prosthetic limb, mod a wheelchair, it's totally up to you.

Prizes and more info to come soon.


Does  scoli oli osis ( scoliosis ) count as a disability?

if it is symptomatic (causing problems) then i'd say it is.  some people live their whole lives with quite pronounced scoliosis and have no problems, others have relatively minor curvature but suffer from problems sue to weight distribution on the joints, stiffness, degeneration of the spine, and other secondary problems.

My girlfriend has scoliosis and it's apparently quite painful.

Kitewife has it, and her only real symptom is the occasional stiff back.  However, a quick google reveals that it can be very debilitating (even disabling) in some cases, so a project aimed at relieving the symptoms would be wholly appropriate for the contest.

i would have to agree i got it just a little my self

i also have scoliosis, and if someone were to do an 'ible to do with that, i would be very grateful, as mine is fairly painful.

My uncle's in a wheel chair, he'd love this!

Ok then, thanks. My Uncle is very easy going about these sorts of things so I am never really caught up on it, but others may be annoyed by my terminology so I will definitely try keep this in mind for the future.

Again, thanks!

No problem!  My wife is executive director of California's State Independent Living Council, and used to be ED of an ILC.  I learned this stuff pretty early in our relationship ;-)

According to the newsletter it's sponsored by Humana and the first prize is a Wii with Wii fit Plus. Just FYI for those who haven't seen it.

This is a great idea!!! I'll be looking forward to the dates and more information.

When is it going to start? I can't wait to enter....I have just the perfect project for this! *Please* let it be open to everyone....

 Awesome, can't wait to enter, my stepfather had a heart-attack in February so I've been working on all kinds of recipes to minimize his salt intake, been looking for other ways to help, so hopefully I'll have something in time :D

New ones only?  Existing ones?  Who's the sponsor, and how provincial are they?

Yes, new ones. We're not making a new book.

Sponsor TBA.


U.S. and Canada only, or open to the whole Instructables community?

Usually, the only contest that allows projects published before the contest was announced is the Hallowe'en contest.


8 years ago

im going to make a prosthetic hand (H) and when is this contest coming out ??

Brilliant! Got a big electronics project half finished along these lines. Hope the end date isn't too soon!


Reply 8 years ago

That often depends on whoever is sponsoring the contest.