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Coming Soon: Lion Brand Yarn Critter Contest Answered

Next week we'll be starting the Lion Brand Yarn Critter Contest. Show off your best small and cute yarn creations to win a gift certificate from Lion Brand Yarn and other cool prizes from Instructables!

Both regular Instructables and slideshow Instructables will be eligible.



8 years ago

Hello, I entered the contest and my entry was accepted yesterday afternoon, but it is not showing up on the entry page or in the recent slideshows.  Did I do something wrong?  thanks for any help! jess


8 years ago

Quick question:  exactly how small do they have to be?  What if they're the size of your arm?

OK.  Plans have been changed to something even AWESOMER.

Hah! Just in time because our own plans changed. No limit on size now.


Nah, still sticking with the new idea.

So am I.  Now that everyone's hopes are up, I hope I can deliver!

Should be easier than trying to get water bazooka footage in the snow, right? :)

sounds great!  how many times can one enter?  I have more than one cute and yarn like object

 how do we enter this contest?

Wait t'ill it starts (it will appear in the contest screen on the startpage) then make a good instructable and when selecting publish make sure you tick off the box with "add to ...  contest"

If you missed that just go to your ible look on the right above part of your screen and select "add to contest"

That's how you do it :)

BRING IT ON! I am so ready for this contest!

  It looks like they're thinking amigurumi.  Does anyone know if there's a contest rules anywhere?  Even if it's a free for all anything goes, it would be helpful to know.

We are thinking amigurumi, but not limiting it to that. Small (handheld) and cute and made of yarn are what we'll be looking for.