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Coming soon: Hire Kiteman! Answered

I've been threatening to do it for ages, and now I am...

I have started my own company, LightWorks Laser Projects. It's incorporated and everything! 

When I start trading for real, the core business will be laser cutting workshops: I bring my laser cutter to a venue, you bring your ideas, and together we get creative. Between workshops, I will be running commissions for select customers.

So, keep an eye out for future announcements...


So, the cutter is in, and working (hence the avatar), and I have progressed from scrap card to 3mm birch ply: my first "official" makes were door signs for the boys, and a "Get Well Soon" plaque for my mother.

Finally got the car, getting the actual laser in about a week and a half.

New Car.jpg

(that link goes nowhere for me in chrome,winxp, wonky?)


How's that?

Congratulations are in order! :D

Don't forget to check weight/portability!

It's the first thing I have been specifying with suppliers. Some can manage, some are running scared from the idea.

See if you can find a cost-effective Diode laser instead. Then there wouldn't be any mirrors.


I hadn't considered diode lasers at all. Any recommendations?

Mine is certainly not portable. It is very heavy and the mirrors need re-aligning after it has been moved. Glad to see you've already spotted the possible problem :-)

Getting quotes right now.

I'm not rushing to get this going withing hours (I still have a "proper" job paying the bills), but I've found that I only follow through on ideas if I actually tell folk about them.

If you get an HPC laser or visit their showroom, pop in and say hello! I'm just down the road from them.

Where i grew up, people would get old flatbed pickups and attach a welding rig to the back and do small welding jobs on farm sites, similar to like a mobile kitchen or gut truck.

A small truck like a Ford F350 flatbed should be big enough for a good sized laser cutter and generator, and you could get a smaller cutter/engraver for some engraving parties when you dont want to drag out the big boy.

I predict in the future there will be more mobile businesses. Like a cellphone/laptop repair truck

I shouldn't need a generator - plan A is to wheel the cutter into the venue and use their mains electricity.

At least look into the Dodge 1500, then you could be added to the "best builds" at the top.

The Dodge 1500 sips "petrol" at over 15 miles per gallon (5.9 KPL)!
And you could put a lift kit on it with some big tires when you want to take your lady to the mud tracks.

When you drive a big truck people will look at you like you have all the answers.

Hmm, I'd be more likely to get a Ford Transit (20-25mpg) or a Renault Kangoo (35-40mpg), depending on the size of cutter I get.

Those vehicles look like something you would use to deliver medical supplies at the retirement homes.

Girls like guys with big trucks. Ask the lady in your life if she would rather ride in a vehicle that looks like it hauling oxygen tanks or in a vehicle hauling FREEDOM.

Kitewife grew out of judging boys by their toys quite a while ago...

No she is stuck with you at this point, wouldn't you want to drive her around in a stylish chariot.

5.7L V8 Hemi. Its bigger than that 5 liter container of ice cream at the value store.

20" Chrome Clad Aluminum wheels (with a truck this size no one would care how you pronounce Aluminum).

Tell her its safer than a motorcycle, and safer than cooking crystal meth.

Tell her real Cowboys in Texas drive these trucks.

Cant find a parking spot at the bingo hall, just park on top of a Ford Fiesta Hatchback. Or put it in the back, it will probably fit.

I hear you. Where I am currently at, Gas prices are $0.27 (usd) a liter. we drive a truck that gets 9 miles to the gallon. It would be the equivelent to a vehicle getting 27-56 mpg elsewhere.