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I am sorry....Coming soon, a very GEEKY ornament (if I can get it to look nicer then it now does....) Answered

It seems I have, once again, failed to finish what I wanted to in a timely manner.  I do hope I can "clean it up" enough for it to look "good enough" to warrant the wait....

Someone will easily be able to make improvements on this project, since I haven't the type of tools available to make it look SUPER, still I do want it to look presentable befofre publishing it.

Coming soon to an ibles near you....


I think I know what it is! :p

Several attempts at making this look better have failed.....one more try this weekend and I will either publish or call it trash put the idea out there for someone else that CAN make it look good to do.

You can have an inkling, for sure....I aim to make this "different", if I can though :-)


7 years ago

CLueless, but excited none the less!

Oh don't get your hopes up TOO high LOL.

I think the concept is better then what it will look like in the end, but I will do my best :-)