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Comment (Answer) only visible to me whilst logged in Answered

I think I made a comment, an answer, a comment in the Answers forum, that is only visible to me while I'm logged in.  Specifically here:


I can see this answer I wrote, if I view the above page while logged in.  

If I try to view the same page while logged out, the answer I wrote is nowhere to be seen.  

Can anyone else see the answer I wrote to this question?



8 years ago

I see it.  I first followed the link you provided, and there it was (with the picture of the Peltier plate).  I confirmed by going directly to the Question, and it's there as well.

Jack A Lopezkelseymh

Reply 8 years ago

OK. Thanks.  That probably means the problem is on my end.  Maybe my browser.  Or it could just be me going crazy in the head. 

Anyway, it is good to hear/read that others can see my answers.

This is probably unrelated, but for a while there the Peltier picture had the mysterious "PLOKI" appended above it.