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Comment Section: next page? Answered

Hey All,

So I think that I have encountered a bug on the site to do with the comment section from different Instructables. I'm not sure if this has been reported so I thought I will report it anyway.

Whilst I was browsing my own Insturctables on Windows, I noticed that on the comment section, I could not go to the next page of comments. This was on Google Chrome Version 33.0.1750.117 m.

I first noticed this when I was checking through my Whisk instructable that I had not seen the comment from Mike in the comment section. I do remember Mike saying something along the lines of "Ha, great stuff" but it appears it wasn't there. I then checked my recent Instructable: K'nex Valentine Hearts to see that the same thing had happened with my reply to lindarose92 as well as a handful of other comments I had received.

I know in the past that there has been a "next page" in the comment section, but I seemingly did not see it this time. I just checked the forums and it seems to have the same problem occurring :-/
It seems that forums and ‘Ibles with lots of comments appear to have this problem.
Is this just me or does anyone else have the same issue? 


Hmm, that's weird. We'll see on getting those back!

It happened to me too some weeks ago...

Yeah, I wasn't sure that other people have experienced this and so I thought it would be worth a mention. Its fixed now though. :-)

Also, you post some of the awesome(st) 'Ibles ;-)

Haha, no problem. I'm actually quite surprised I haven't subbed to you yet... :-)

It is clearly a bug that those buttons are gone, but if you can't wait to have them back, with the instructables enhancer (

https://www.instructables.com/id/Instructables-Enhancer-a-userscript-that-enhances-/ ) it has an option to bring them back :)

Oh yeah! Silly me! I turned the enhancer off when I seeing the consequences of not saving ponies! ;-) Anyways, it worked! Thanks Sorunome :-)

I still need to add them to forum topics, indeed.

The issue i am having is finding out how many comments a forum topic has in total, if you know how to tell that, please enlighten me :)