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Comments "In [insert number here] minutes"?? Answered

So recently I've had a huge influx of comments on one of my instructables, and when I go answer them a lot of the time the comment will have the heading "Dangerously Explosive (author) in reply to ___, in [#] minutes" rather than saying "[#] minutes ago". Why does it do this, and what does it mean? Is it just going through a moderation stack, or does Instructables have a comment per unit time limit?



3 months ago

It is what the Instructables robot does to let others know how many days or months ago someone commented on the subject.

Often I see someone who ignores the time that a plea for social help was voiced and gives advice 6 years after the problem was first mentioned !

There is a manner of thinking and speaking that different language individuals have to accept.

All I can tell you it is Easily Natural for me, as a displaced Czech in Reno, Nevada, USA

Yeah, I know that it's as a time reference, but usually it has it in the past tense, not the future tense. I want to know what's up with the future tense version.

I see what you mean..

Perhaps you have to put it down to distracted employees..