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Comments not working -- we're working on it Answered

It's affecting me too!  We're trying to get it fixed.


We had a harddrive failure that is now fixed.  Sorry!

Well, I don't think it's completely fixed. I still can't upload pictures. They upload but you can't see them. I know it's not just me because I tried uploading some of them yesterday and it worked.

If you can spare the time to reply, I'd like to know the spec' of the drive that failed.


So your site shut down because of a harddrive failure? 

Oh and I just got an error message when I tried to open this comment box, says "Hey this is my error".  I reloaded and now it's fine.

It looks like it is working for me.

I was going to reply to randofo's comment to me, but i forgot what i was going to say.