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Committed online DJs needed Answered

New online radio station requires DJs

I'm starting a new station called Black Box Radio. I am looking to bring together a regular set of DJs to have their own shows on the station. We are launching in the new year.
I am also looking for a web designer or two as well as DJ managers and maybe a couple graphic designers
Anyone want to to DJ for us? All styles are considered.

Reply here and email tom-knox@hotmail.co.uk to get in touch

Visit our partially built website. http://www.blackboxradio.co.uk/



I'm a professional DJ/MC from Jamaica. I would greatly appreciate it if i'm considered for a position here. I have over 3 years experience as a club/party DJ.


Hi there,

My friend and I are DJ's and would love to help with the radio station.


I'm professional Dj from Colombia, I have played in some clubs and parties. My strength is in electronic music, I have domain all the genres on it, also I have played with video mix and right now I'm studying music production in Reason.

Thank you,

Felipe Manrique

(646) 708-1426

I am a Internet Oldies Radio station owner seeking out talent for my legally licensed professional internet radio station.
My goal is to find people that want to have fun on air and practice their talents as a professional Jock learning the way that FM radio runs without all the stringent rules that FM radio has in place.
The station has rules that need to be followed obviously , but their rules are simple and not so hard to follow that you feel like it is work. It is alot of fun. The site has alot to offer in terms of what is on it for activities and it is state of the art.
What this position is for is 3 different styles of DJ , Blues DJ , Oldies DJ and a Country DJ , perfect for someone who loves music , has a LARGE collection
of MP3's , enough to fill at least a 2 hour or 3 hour show. Maybe have some knowledge about the artist's being played to throw in some great little tidbits to the listeners.
This show would air once a week and be promoted by all staff members at their convenience.

This is a NON PAID position and to gain experience ONLY, while having fun and meeting new people from all over the world.

If you interested and want to apply you must first have :

* A good connection that is reliable to the internet
* A fast PC able to handle chat , music , messengers going to be able to deal with possible requests.
* A positive and upbeat attitude about your show
* Plenty of music to fill the time slot
* A good quality mic that doesnt sound tinny or cheap
* And the ability to be able to commit to whatever time slot agreed upon
* Be able to agree to some simple station rules regarding promo's being played , DMCA compliance rules , announcements and things of that nature.

You will get alot of exposure and alot of interaction on this site.

The intent of this message is to find good on air talent that wants to be part of a professionally run station, while having lots of fun and meeting lots of new people and learning how internet radio runs.

So please if you are truly interested in this , or knows someone who is . . . . send me a email at : info@bullseyeradio.com and you'll be responded to with more details and be setup for an interview with the DJ Mananger.

Thanks everyone !


Hello I'm Michael "Ras Charma" Hendrickson.

And I can bring Soca, Calypso, Chutney soca, the Caribbean vybz, and much much more to the table

with Quilty mixing and I can also Mc.

So i'll like to work with you and help this Station grow in to a force of the future.

Yours Respectfully

Mr Michael Hendrickson

Miscellaneous Sounds

Aka Ras Charma.

Founder, Dj.


yo hit me up man i'm all that you need. i am pro @ web design + image creation. Am also a pro audio engineer and an epic DJ. I am a straight A* student @ G.C.S.E/A-Level and will happily clash any other dj to showcase my talents... i can mix on up to 8 decks at once.all my remixes are original, creative and unique. I mix any and all genres, I love the mash ups. My heart lays in UK Garage/Grime/Rnb/HipHop/DNB. Only a fool would pass up a conversation with myself if your serious about getting something professional going on....
uk.nextlevel@live.com / uk.nextlevel@gmail.com / uk.nextlevel@ymail.com

are you still looking for DJ'S?



5 years ago

I run a mobile DJ business, interest in DJ. is this still open?
What do u need?

I'm a Psychedelic Trance DJ.
I'm agreeing to play non profit, tell me the time slots and stuff.
check out my soundcloud mix for march


My name is rebecca shadow femme garner and I am intersted in djing. I am new but love all kinds of music from different generes and have wanted to dj for sometime. I am also in college for web technology ad web design which is a graphics course :) please contact me if you are interested. Thanks

whats the pay rates???

I'm down!

Im down! I do house and electro

I'm down, what kind of music are you wanting played?

I'm interested in site building, I've done no commercial projects but I've designed and implemented multiple off-air sites from simple text-and-buttons right through to interactive websites.

If you need a fellow, I'm always willing to give a hand! :D

i really want to get into this. i've DJed parties and gone with my friend who DJed an itunes radio podcast. That's all my background but I want to start building on it. i wonder if i can dj for black box

i dj psytrance....progressive trance.....dubstep


7 years ago

I have been an online DJ almost 4 years now. And would love to spin for you. I can play any genre you wish. Contact me any time!!!!

hello i work for bounceradio.net a rock station if you are looking for work send me a 5min demo to joey@bounceradio.net thnks

Hey, im definitely interested in seeing this take off and DJ for you. Im a north american EDM DJ with an interest in Electro, House, Dubstep and Trance. I love all kinds of electronic music and would love to play for you. Sending an email now to discuss deets. Ty1

Dj Austenite one of the hottest dj's nw here wanting to try out your new site. plays all genre; frm jamaican home of the hottest music and dj check it out but hurry cause i'm posed with many offers


7 years ago

hit me up on facebook corey lane

hey i do a lil Dj-ing... how often would you need me and how much are you paying?

I'd need to know what regular slot you can fill
and the project is non-profit, so, let's say i'll pay you in smiley faces :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

what if i don't live in the UK can i still be a DJ ? also what music do you mind playing on the station

I wonder if a certain member of this community may be slightly interested with a named close to this...