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Common people Answered

Rent a flat above a shop: check
Cut your hair and get a job: check
Smoke some fags and play some pool: check
Pretend you never went to school: no

How "common" am I?

and if this takes 2 days to turn up like usual I shall not be happy...


OK so it didn't take 2 days, but I'm sure I'm on some kind of watch-list... L

Like the do not fly list or something?

Now there's 5 minutes of my life I will never get back again LOL (J/K)

Filmation produced some bad stuff (inc He-man I believe). Still I'm glad you watched all of it. It amused me (more than once)


Well, I was unable to watch (and worse yet, listen to) the Rocketman one you posted here. My head was about to explode ;-)

That is the Shatner video to watch. At some point watch it, it's the epitome of his "unique" style.


You realize, of course, that is a Great argument for NOT watching it :-)

Mmm, yes. But all things being relative, you appreciate better things more for knowing the really bad (? or do you... maybe not) L

I suppose if Shatner did something that could be appreciated (besides commercials) maybe that would hold some water :-) I mean, when I was a kid, the original Star Trek was great, but now, if I happen on an episode, I have to change channels fairly quickly maybe it's just me

By "better things" I meant music in general. But yes. L

I understood. I just tend to over think things.
And it is just that I don't really need to see a pile of poop to appreciate the sparkle of a diamond. Now, seeing a lump of coal, may help me appreciate it more, as they are related. ;-)

Coal is far more complex than a diamond (Superman movie in my thoughts) But I am a person who will do things simply for the sake of doing them, that I have the experience - no questions asked. This possibly isn't the way you like, but you might have seen a film / films that use this topic? L

I can not recall what movie you may be thinking of. I do sometimes go out of my way to have an experience, in it's most basic form (as recently as a few months ago, I tried a new food and liked it, and tried something else, and although I did not like it, I consumed it all anyways - kind of burns it into my head not to do that again, unless circumstances are different ;-)

I do have trouble with things that bore me though (and Shatner bores me ;-) I should probably work on that, but it is sometimes tough to stay awake long enough to work on it

Ah yes, I can agree with all of that. L

Judging on the amount of kebabs I've had lately I'm not much better... Ugh got to get out of that habit, been at friends a lot and having friends over, we can't be bothered cooking and have ourselves kebabs instead, when the guys know you by name it's an issue. On the upside I only own one pair of tracksuit bottoms and no trainers...

Haha, that was last night, we're at a friends, lasagne and chips tonight made from scratch...


9 years ago


Thanks for being the first (and probably only) person to answer that. L

O_o I don't think I understand British humor...

There is a bit of subtlety to it. Some underlying innuendo and out the other type of humor, if I understand it correctly ;-)

I can easily understand that. Or is it my warped sense of humour?


Yes, it is definitely your warped sense of humour. Reduce to sublight speed, and raise shields!

Mmmm, yep - definitely up there with the rest of his oeuvre, I might just have to go play me some Shatner. And it's not even the weekend.