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Como construir una silla con una rueda/How to build a chair with a tire Answered

I found this interesting video of how to build a chair with a tire.

Encontre este interesante video de como construir un asiento a partir de una rueda (llanta o neumatico)


Interesante, queda lindo.

Sería bueno ponerle subtítulos al video, aunque sea un resumen en cada paso. Mucha gente puede leer un idioma y entenderlo, pero otra cosa muy distinta es escucharlo.

That is cool! I think the paint and poly would cover up the smell of the tire.

The man in the video mentions a cuerda de yute or jute rope. Although he recommended lacquer I agree with you that poly can do a good job masking the rubber smell.

I think you would like this, it's all about chairs that seem pretty self explanatory.