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Compaq LCD Problem PLEASE HELP!!! Answered

I have a very old Compaq laptop (Contura 4/25cx or something),which is not working due to a hard disk damage,so i want to throw it away. Yesterday i remembered that it's LCD screen is still working properly.Does anyone know how/if can i use it as a video monitor? Until now, the only thing i managed to do is to power on its 12V LCD Backlight.How could i connect the screen to an external video source? You could help me with a diagram,photos or something. PLEASE REPLY!!!!


1. You'll need an LCD driver... 2. I highly doubt you're going to find an LCD driver that meets your exact LCD model 3. If you do find a driver - it's going to be very expensive Sounds like the inverter and back light bulb works - you could harvest themand use for whatever you want...

Simply put: you won't realistically be able to unless you can get the laptop working. You can't just take out the screen and solder a few wires together to get a picture, if that's what you mean.


10 years ago

I believe there's a few problems, one thing is most laptop LCD's need an inverter, and that's in-built, if you have a spare video cable around you can try wiring it up (google for the correct diagram), but I doubt it'll work when plugged in...