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Compaq Presario v2000 Laptop Doesn't Turn On? Answered

Hi y'all! I need a little help. I'm trying to fix my uncle's laptop. It is a Compaq Presario v2000 Laptop. It will not turn on or show any lights on the front(e.g charging, power up, ect.). I have tried blowing out the motherboard, removing and inserting the battery, and testing the DC power jack with a voltmeter. Any help will be appreciated! 


Did you check to see if the bat has power coming out of it? It sounds like there's probably something wrong with the battery if you aren't getting any indication of power from anything. (or did you make sure it was plugged in?) ;)

i don't think the battery has anything to do with it. i believe after some research, i have come to 2 conclusions, the mother board is either fried, or something is just plain weird. :P

It might have to do with the battery. Here's the reason, some computers will have the power flowing from your power input to the battery to the computer. Most will have the power input directly to the computer and have a separate line going to the battery, but it just depends on the computer. If it doesn't show any lights or any signs of life, then it means power isn't getting to the computer. In that case, you have to start thinking: "why wouldn't power be getting to the computer?", and then just start going down the line starting at the power outlet going all the way to the motherboard. The most logical explanations are that A. your power supply is broken (but that should be obvious just from looking at it, since it would probably be a bad cord.) B. your power flows through the battery into the computer, and your battery is bad, or C. there is some other connection that is easily assessable that got disconnected.

Although motherboards do go bad, other things tend to bad before the motherboards. (At least that's the experience I have had.) No matter what, there is always a solution to fix a computer, but sometimes you have to ask yourself if it wouldn't just be cheaper/better to get a new one. I could probably tell you exactly what was wrong with the computer if I could see it, but without seeing it, I have to guess.

Good luck... I hope you find a solution. :)


6 years ago

TheGeek is correct. With some notebooks you have to have a good battery or they will not boot. So you can pull the battery out and boot it on AC adapter. Some you cannot. Some you have to have a battery in place, even if its bad, in order for it to boot. The best thing to do is to try a combination of things and see if it will jump start it. I worked on one that you had to remove the battery and then boot it, then replace the battery and boot it again with the battery, otherwise it would not do anything.
A second thing is the CMOS battery. Its the little watch battery inside that keeps the CMOS clock alive. Sometimes if that goes dead (and they do after 3 or more years) then the whole thing will not start. Again it depends on the board and such.

I have tried booting it without a battery. I tested the CMOS battery and it registered as 3.0v. Would the computer boot without a CMOS battery?

It may not boot without the CMOS battery, but you should get some indication of life from any lights on the computer. In reality, most computers now days can boot without a CMOS battery... the BIOS will just use default settings if the CMOS is not present. And besides that, you should have gotten indications that the battery was going before that. I believe CMOS batteries are 3 v. anyway... but it should say on the battery.