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A while back, I got a 3d modeling software called anim8or. I thought of giving it a try recently so I searched on Instructables on a tutorial. I typed in "anim8or" in the top bar and as I was scrolling down I saw some disturbing instructables showing disturbing pictures made by some authors. The titles of these Instructables are consisted of numerous question marks (?) and eights (8). If this can be solved, please do make the necessary corrections. Thank you.



4 years ago

It seems these are all topics that got blocked by the language filter but noone did a physical delete on them - the can't be clicked on and will be blocked, still the image in the search reamains.

One of the offenders is


The other is


Sadly prfiles can't be flagged as a spammer, but maybe that is some button we see in the future?

I could not flag the topics so I hope someone from the staff will delete them properly and suspend the accounts as well.

By the way, using Google (or Duckduckgo) for your searches on Instructables often gives far better results than the internal search engine.

This brings you


Although it was also in the standard search here, an external search engine will give relevant results and some more websites from other sources.

If you specify your needs it can be quite good.

Thanks for the catch! When you find things like this, please send them to service@instructables.com and don't post links to them in the forums! It makes it harder for us to take down spam. But thanks again for catching this!


4 years ago

Thank you for reporting this.

Those thumbnails are the remains of spam that has been removed, but for some reason the thumbnails have not also been removed. I have passed this on to those that need to know, but I can assure you that the links to those projects are all dead.