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Completables~ What are you hiding?? Answered

Does anyone out there have some hidden project's, that they have not / can not publish?

Have you Completed an Instructable with excellent result's?

Post it in Completables and get the credit it deserves..!!



9 years ago

I'm trying to do a halogen lamp and a craft instructable.The halogen is suspended,and the craft one needs uploaded pics.

Sounds interesting indeed! Post some pics in here if you would like.

Here's an unfinished (barely started) project that doesn't even deserve a Slideshow. I was inspired by a friend's oversized Homer Simpson Pez dispenser.

This would be a Duff-Man large enough to hold and displense six U.S. standard (12 on) aluminum cans of ... beverage.


WoW! nice! LoL I have not been recieving emails about responces to this topic. I had no idea it was still recieving comments...!!

I don't know, sounds like a decent -ible to me :-)

I haven't built it, don't have properly dimensioned drawings, and trivially no photographs of it in operation ;-) And two GIFs do not a decent Slideshow make.

Oh I see what you mean.....yeah, that is where I am at with about 12 projects now....and knee deep in one that just will not work for me......*sigh* (the MAKE Mag. Incredible Beeping thing.....grrr. :-)

Well, I must have at leat 6-12 unfinished ibles, that I haven't had either the time nor the resources to "build" and get them together. Most are just ideas that I know will work, when I can get to them along with being able to get the materials. . .

I took the description of this group to include such things (unbuilt designs) as well as undesigned builds :-) Given the other stuff you've done, I think some of us would find your designs interesting to see.

Well, the description in this forum asks for those that have been completed but not written up etc. Mine, I have a general idea on how to put them together, and on some even a general schematic, but nothing made yet.

I think the groups description includes "un-finished " works. Slideshow them and add it to the group. I would love to see some quick snaps of some potentially nonI'ble things your working on. The basic idea was to collect projects/ideas etc that have been created from others ideas/I'bles or those ideas still in the works that would not be seen/lost if not posted within this group...

Most of them haven't gotten off the paper yet.

take some photos of the paper and post a slideshow.

Chuckle, you want my schematics do you LOL

I most certainly do. We all do.

I will see what I can do :-) But I have to be home for that (and it will have to take a back seat to my current restarting of my latest project :-)

No problems... It's not necessarilly the act of posting it, just more the orgainisation of items that may have gone missing... I know alot of my schematics and design get dumped in the bin after cycling around my mess several times... Seem a shame, just because I didn't get to them then and there. All too often in our busy lives we sidetrack ideas for another date yet end up forgetting the ideas.... It is those ideas I am interested in harvesting and storing either for yourself to complete our for other to take up where you left off. Therefore something that may potentially get lost is re-birthed as someone elses completed project.

Well, as I get a moment, I will mention a few of what I have in the werks :-)

sorry, I have been a bit busy at home lately

I'm part way through adding a "mute switch" to our clothes dryer, and have started the corresponding I'ble. That link is to my unpublished version. I don't know whether it will actually work for anyone other than the author. If it doesn't, then this comment is pretty useless, eh?

Oooh, I need a 'mute switch' for Mrs. Skunkbait. (Please...don't let her read this!!)

Unkind! OTOH....have you tried "noice cancelling" headphones? Or just standing next to a dryer without a mute switch? ;->

I finished taking the pictures I needed, and completed the wiring up of the switch, so this is now published.

I've got an ible on "How to Properly Identify Hillbillies". It's 90% compete, but I can't find an old-school outhouse to take a picture of!

I FINISHED IT! And I did go to the resort for most of it, still couldn't get a great outhouse. ;-( Look Here

On the upside It's got a link to one of your ibles!

Thanks for that!

What was wrong with the images I linked to?

I just like to take my own. I kinda went with the bare-bones approach. I'll replace these picks too, when I get a chance to take somemore "real" (nonimported) pics. BTW- Thanks for letting me link to your Whisky iBle.

Geez, Google Images?! That's gotta be like a last resort; nobody uses Google Images!

Haha. Somebody forgot to use the codes and just typed brackets... :D

Yeah, I completely forgot about 'ibles formatting when I typed that. lol

are you all going to a resort ? And I wasn't invited ? :-(

Yes, a resort with an "old school outhouse"!

Oh just as well. Unless it is a multi-hole outhouse....I can not hold things for very long anymore ;-)

No, that's the 5-star resort just up the holler.

Bah, I could just make like a bear and go in the woods.....I can't afford 5 star resorts....

Flickr allows you to get creative commons images. i.e. they're legal to use.

I hate to go that way if I can help it. I can find one in a month when I go up north to our hunting land. So I'll probably just wait.

I have just had an inspiration for a chess set. I need to get some plywood, and get access to a band saw.

Let's see, for completables, I did italiakid007's peanut butter fudge. About 700 times now. It's heavenly...

Then join and post them!! even a topic with pics in it. Or do a slideshow and add it. ;0

Ok! I'm so happy for this group. I get all bummed out when I make something from an ible, and then remember, "oh, that's right...can't post it..." even though I'm uber proud of it.

Well, slideshows are there for a reason. "To show what you have made" They were designed also to allow users to post items other than full I'ble's... We definatley need a place to store all our hard work. It is alos nice for the maker of the I'ble to be able to see what others have done with their guide.

Anyone who is thinking of doing 5 ibles in 5 days, to get them done. DONT DO IT! especially if your pitched against one of the grand masters. Its hard work, dont expect to sleep for that week either.

OK, am I missing something? What does that have to do with anything?

well the whole idea of the 5 ibles in 5 days challenge, was to dust the cobwebs off some old ibles and get them published. Which is what this topic is about. It was a great way to get the ibles sorted, as you were accountable to everyone on this site, let alone your component,