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Complicated issue in ms excel Answered

I have a problem in Excel 2007 on my pc in office. It happened only 2 days ago. I forgot to prepare backup. I’ve no any great idea how to solve it.


can you please tell on which Operating System you are facing this issue?

YOU SHOULD go for newest version : http://bit.ly/2Ely1Et

By waiting for the usual spam to appear or by using software that is not totally outdated.
Not sure if you noticed but after a whole decade software tends to be obsolete in most cases ;)


What terrifies me is sadw (software) that is only available for a weekly price on the cloud... Hating the future of it :-P

Couldn't say any better :(
Back in the old days "software" was optimised and fixed until it was usable, now the user does all testing and error reporting - while paying a premium for an uncomplete product.
A lot of things don't even work without being online, everyone want to go cloud based because it is soooo much better.
Fun fact though: The same people saying cloud is best are those who were not even born when I started with computers ROFL