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Composting Toilets Answered

I'm looking for plans to build a composting toilet. I want one like the commercial ones that use heat and have a finishing compartment. I would like not to have to mess with it for 6 months to a year. It is for my tour bus. I just need help and ideas on the composting mechanical part as I have the toilet it self designed Thanks


How much space do you have for this on the bus? L

23 wide 32 deep 30 high approx. if I keep it all in the basement which I prefer. Just the toilet it self would be up in the bathroom.

You did say "tour bus" - what units are you quoting? Or would you be moving material from the bus to your basement? L

Yes I did. Inches. The bus is a MCI8 the bottom bays are also referred to as basements. I am usually the only person on the bus and the commercially advertised units boast 1 years use without dumping for 2 people. My idea is to put in either an auger or a horizontal drum that rotates for mixing the crap with the composting crap. I will build a solar heat collector to keep circulated heat in the unit. thought maybe make the drum out of ss mesh or have at least an area with ss mesh for the dried finer compost to filter through. Am I on the right track? Thanks for the prompt replies. This sight is cool.

Thanks Lemonie nice links. Had to figure out the comma needed removed for first link. Nice units and I may have to go that route if I can't find a mechanical design that speeds up composting. Again helpful and prompt, thanks

I wouldn't like to describe the Alternative Energy Centre as "a commune of hippies", but they've been doing their alternative thing in Wales for a long time now, they've got a philosophy and are trying to do this sort of thing with serious intent (I've used their toilets). I guess the business comes out of it, but see what you get.


"A commune of VERY RICH hippies" originally I believe.....Interesting place, but too hair-shirted for my taste.

Mmm yes, they charge you money to go in and use their urine-collection systems etc.


 did not know that, but my surprise meter isn't reading very high right now. Which School?


Thanks, my friend on the inside was telling me how EDS was (before HP bought it out), he's laughing really 'cos he's still got a good job.... <br />Apparently Brown, Dick used to swan about to foreign places hob-nobbing with heads of state (according to e-mails) but didn't pull in any business while doing so, hmmm...<br /><br />L<br />

And I got all excited that there might be a post with more great info on my question :)

Charley Take a look at Sunmar's stuff, at least for some ideas. I suspect the main problem is the stirring around the product in the box, when its supposed to stratify. Why not ask them ?<br /><a href="http://www.sun-mar.com/index.html">www.sun-mar.com/index.html</a><br /><br />Steve<br />

Do you know how much poop people make in 6 months?? It is like allut. alot. a lot. CURSE YOU SPELL CHECK!

Just learning this system, I answered your question above with the other response.

I was just sitting on my Thetford R.V. throne taking care of some business and glanced over at my front loader washer and seen the SS drum in it and thought it would be the right size for a mixing barrel. I'm not quite ready to cannibalize it quite yet but would love to find one at the local scrap yard to play with. I would like to make this as small and as fast composting as possible. Need to save space for the mechanical portion of other alternative energy projects I have currently installed or installing on the bus. I currently run the bus on waste veg oil & have for over a year now. I aso just installed on my roof a solar hot water panel and solar cv panel, neither are hooked up yet. I plan on making a solar heat collector for the roof also and convert my dryer to solar heat.

Also can I use worms with this type of composting?