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Compress propane gas? Answered

We are in the process of recycling rubber and waste tyre casings. One of our by products is propane gas. I would like to know if I can use a normal air compressor motor to compress the propane gas into a propane gas cylinder?


No, you need more than 40 Bar of pressure to liquefy propane - outside the reach of any "off the shelf" compressor.

You HAVE to have a special pump, for safety reasons.


Hi Steve

Yes it is through the process of Pyrolysis. Thank you for your reply, I have the answer to my question.

Possibly. I've never seen a description of the process more detailed than;

"organic matter + heat → flammable gas+ash"

Very strange. The information I found from the EPA says the gas from Rubber Tire Pyrolysis is mainly hydrogen and methane.

IF you have them, you can MAKE propane, by catalysis. Most pyrolysis yields Hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and again, you can synthesise from that.

Stuff I make is used for pyrolysis research.


Very interesting stuff. I was just reading an MIT article where they're making biopropane through a heat driven reaction not requiring catalysts. But I prefer the idea of producing a useable fuel through recycled materials.

for interest, look up the South African company "SASOL"


What are you doing to recycle rubber and produce propane?

Hi Kiteman

We are recycling through a Pyrolysis process.

Is it something that could be reproduced by an enthusiastic hobbyist?

An instructable would be cool...