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Computer Case Upgrade? Answered

Can I put the guts of a dell dimension 2400 in a thermaltake wing rs? PLEASE HELP ME OUT! THANKZ!


What it looks like for you is that most any new case you buy will work, albeit with some modification. Take a look at the back of your computer (manual) to see the layout of your mobo's IO connectors. Now look at the ThermalTake panel and the Xion panel. Note the difference in locations of everything but the monitor and printer ports. It sure looks like some cutting is in order.

On the positive side, it looks like the power supply will fit. You will just have to make sure the cables are long enough to reach the board when installed.


So it should work out pretty easily? And theres a difference? Do you mean the IO panel at the back/ If so then is the diffrence a problem? I mean can i do it without cutting? THANKZ!


7 years ago

Can i put my dell dimension 2400 in this case:
XION Vantage Mid-Tower Case AXP100-001BK - ATX, mATX
From circuit city? PLEASE ANSWER! And i need to know about the power suply... i am not sure if i can put mine in this case. iIts the stock one from dell. PLEASE ANSWER!

Your Dell mobo is a microATX form factor. The ThermalTake Wing RS (100, 101, 201, 301) will accept both microATX and standard ATX mobos. As long as the power supply (PS) has the correct connectors, you can use the case. If the PS doesn't have the correct connectors, you will have to buy and install one that does. Or, you could use the PS that came with the Dell.