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Computer Issues? Post Them Here! Answered

This thread will be designed for anybody who has any computer issues. I love to help people work out the kinks in their computers, software, hardware and anything else. I am constantly on this site (at least 20 times a day, except when I am sleeping of course!) so you won't have to worry about a slow response. Anyone can give answers, I am just here to be the beginning helper. Ask Away! -Brennn10



11 years ago

How do you remove "overlapping partitions" on multiboot hard drives? I think I have 2 computers in this condition and since then the partition tools just don't do anything anymore. The drives resist reformatting also, although I haven't given up on that solution perhaps by changing the drive geometry settings. I think the problem was an unintended consequence of installing an interesting variety of operating systems with different filesystems on the various partitions.

If you actually do have overlapping partitions, your only solution is to backup and reinitialize the drive. 1) Do no write anything to the second and later partitions. As it is, everything there is questionable. 2) Backup the second and later partitions first. Everything you need must be copied to another drive. Do not make an image backup. Only files. 3) Backup the primary partition. Don't bother trying to backup the Operating System or Applications that you can reinstall from CD. The chances of getting all the pieces you need are remote anyway. Backup all the data. Again, only files. 4) Depending on your OS, you need to boot the OS CD and get to the disk utilities of it. For Windows, this would be FDISK. For Mac this would be ideally "Disk Utility." Whichever, you need to repartition the drive from scratch. 5) Once it's partitioned properly, you should be able to install your OS normally. Note that there is no real beneficial reason with modern OS' to use more than one partition. Either Windows XP, Vista or Mac OS X handle VM (scratch), and defragging quite well internally and not longer suffer from over-sized blocks on big drives, like earlier OS'.

All the right tools like FDISK didn't work until I broke up the siamese twin partition using "the wrong tool", which I just thought of today. I respectfully disagree with #5 having nothing but such awful experiences that I desperately needed all those alternatives on all those partitions.

Glad to hear (read) you resolved your problem. Which "wrong tool" did you use to break up the problem partitions?

An embarrassing cute one on a little cd that if I had a sister she would use. Anyhow I think there wasn't enough code in it to look for weird stuff like that and refuse to do anything about it.

I have a question..How too... What do I need to make my 8 track tapes.. Put them on a cd disk.. I need to know what to buy and how to do it... The easy way... I am one that needs Pictures..Thanks Junebug22

Scour the junk/pawn shops. You need an 8 Track player to transfer those tapes. No standard tape player will do. The layout of the tracks and speed won't be compatible with any other type of player.

ok. i need to know what kind of 8 track player I need... Thanks

Any 8-track player will do. If it's got line out, feed that into the Line In on the computer. If it's got speaker out, you still just feed it into the Line In, but adjust the volume very low to get a clean copy. There were also "Quadraphonic" 8 Track players. These were an early implementation of a Surround-Sound technique. It was actually quite good, but before its time. Unless you have a lot of Quadraphonic tapes, don't concern yourself over it.

Thanks...for the input.. Will that also work for the concept tapes...? do you down load them to your hard drive fist..? then burn them on a cd disk..? I am new to this kind of thing ...Need help... Junebug22

Any 8-track will have pretty much the same format. They will output stereo (or quadraphonic... In that case, just use the front two speakers). You need some sort of audio capture software. There are many available for free or almost free. search the net for them. Once the audio has been captured, it can be burned to CD. I recommend that you extract using AAC (no compression) if your software supports it. You may want to use the same software to clean hiss & pops from the recording. I would recommend software, but I use a Mac, so the software's not going to be the same as that used in Windows.

Honestly people, I think one thread for all computer problems is a mistake. If you've got a perplexing problem, create a new thread with an appropriate title (IE "Keyboard Exploding" rather than "FIRE!"). Having seperate threads would bring more specific responses and would attract people to the website as a result of related Google searches.

We need gorups for forums.

I wouldn't mind making a group that focuses on fixing the problems of computers.

yes alienware is a great gamming pc company but they are also expensive. Plus im getting a local pc shop help me put it together so i dont fry things on my first build. SO no one can help with the fan controller thing?

here is a diagram. Repeat this circut for each fan. Flip the DPDT up for 7 volts and down for 12 volts.


back to waht dogscroll said how dows the voltage get stepped up to 12 or down to 7. resistor?

It's a poor idea to run a 12V motor on 7V, even if 7V were available within the computer (it isn't). The fan would tend to pull more current at low voltage than it should and could overheat (burn itself out). A better choice is to use a 3 wire fan where if just the outside wires (red & black) are powered with 12V the fan runs at normal speed. Connecting the center wire to 12V at any time will increase the speed of the fan to usually a third again faster.

Anyway, does anyone have any computer issues? I will be more than happy to help you out with them.

Personally, I do not think this is extremely disorganized. The user with the problem can easily refer back to their post and see if anyone has responded to it. And we could also add if your problem is fixed you delete your post. Thanks everyone. Maybe others are not inclined to post here, but I am still willing to reply to your problems.

"And we could also add if your problem is fixed you delete your post." Doesn't that go against the whole idea? People can learn from other peoples problems.


11 years ago

Ok, I'll post my problem up as a new topic.

Well, from what I could read on here, this is getting to be a bit confusing as far as the order of the posts in here. I think a better idea would be to make a sub forum inside the main one just for computer topics. I will request from ewilhelm that this topic get deleted and ask about a sub forum if this goes on any longer because it's all just a big garble and you've got comments all over. And btw, if anyone needs ANY mac help, just ask me as I have experiance with mac and the unix system, I'm typing this from my ibook g4 as we speak :-P

did you try connecting it to a computer either a different one or the one you were formatting?


11 years ago

I need to recover data from my external HDD. It was plugged into a laptop when I was reinstalling XP. By accident I deleted the partition on it and not the one on the laptop. From what understand, it didn't go around deleting every byte of data, it must have just deleted the bytes with the "partition" on it. So- I'm hoping my data is recoverable. (any help doing it on either a PC or a mac would be great)


11 years ago

WTH. Here's the problem I'm struggling with currently... I'm having terrible problems trying to install a particular package on my Mac. After a bunch of poking around, it seems that MOST of my problems are that I have three separate package repositories; /sw from fink commander, /opt/local from "port", and /usr/local from things downloaded and built manually. (this doesn't include the standard directories that the macOS developer tools installs...) This means, for instance, that I have wound up with two separate copies of pieces of GLIB, and some packages (via pkg_config) suck in libintl from one place, and some from another, so I get messages about multiply defined symbols in two different (but perhaps identical) dynamic libraries. (except that my big problem seems to be that the piece I'm using decides that libintl.sa must be in the one place that it isn't. Arrgh!!!) Is there a solution to this in general? I'm thinking of wiping out all of /sw, /usr/local, and /opt/local and starting over (new versions of fink, dpkg, etc) while trying to point all the package managers at the same directories, but I'm not convinced that will work if the managers use different databases to keep track of what they've installed for dependency resolution... (those directories are solely the result of package downloads, right? None of the mac default tools rely on them?) Grr. I'm still running 10.3.9 on a G4 1.25G DP... (I don't see this as necessarily being a mac-specific issue...)

Your right! It's not a Mac-specific issue. It's a UNIX issue. Although currently Darwin is the largest distibution of UNIX I've also entirely removed and reinstalled the UNIX pieces, trying various install techniques. It's a headache, but can solve some seemingly unresolvable problems. Fink is by far the easiest process and can work along with the others. Sometimes I need to manually install some small packages that Fink can't seem to find. As far as mislocated libraries, that's going to be a problem, especially when trying to cross Linux programs over to UNIX. Somtimes editing the Make file is the easiest solution but frequently programmers will directly reference files within the Header and Code files. Sometimes it works to create symbolic links of the original library folder into the location that the compiler seems to expect it. This won't use any additional space. When trying to cross-compile code, I find it most effective merge the old code files into Xcode and make corrections there. Yes. It can be a headache, but it also can produce a Mac version that doesn't require X11.

Good Job Las Vegas. Thanks for helping out.

To tell you the truth, I am not very experienced with MACs but I can tell you that the directions are the result of your package downloads and the MAC default tools do rely on them.

Once again, www.peerweb.org is a very good site for computer help or any forum out there. You have to register, but that takes two minutes. I am still young, so I have not had many experiences with MACs.

Sorry I couldn't help, hopefully my good friends at peerweb.org can help you out.

i like the way u guys work lol so i will ask somehting (that and cuz im bored) i am building a pc and modding it and stuff and i want to make my own fan controller i want to have 3 switches with a center, on, off to control my 3 or more fans (if i cotroll more i want to have more switvher so one swith per fan) so i want the very top option to be the full 12V for gaming and the center option for 7V when surfing the web and other low demand stuff. Is it hard to biuld one or would i be better off buying one. Also how do i biuld one?

If you want a good gaming computer I suggest Alienware. Building a computer is intense, expensive, but then there is the feeling that you have completed it, and anything you wanted was on your computer. Building a computer takes time, money, patience and a willing to fix the problems when they happen. I know many people who build computers in their free time and they still get problems when they boot it up. So, I would recommend purchasing a computer rather than building one if you have no experience with it. Then again, you can always open up your computer and add new parts to it, like graphic cards, sound cards, RAM, and many other things. So you are not always limited to what you get at the store.

Next Question!

hmmm dores nothing my drive comes up and evrything but its not starting i have to clik on it

Ask your question on this site. www.peerweb.org/forums They can help you. Batch is very old and not many people use it nowadays.

so all i have to do is renameit to that or do make differently?

you can try to rename the file to that. I have not done DOS in a long time being that it isnt widely used anymore, but try naming it o autoexec.bat and see what happens. I think that might do the trick. Tell me what happens.

ok i have another one i have this thumbdrive. and this .bat file i want to run automatically when i plug it in so how do i make a autorun.ini file?

Wouldn't you want to make it an autoexec.bat file?

Good Work guys, next question!

ohhhhhhhhhhh Las Vegas figured it out and so did viron. Thanks i didint know the tool wouldnt work. I like this topic i hate searching google for problems like that.

I am not 100% sure your exact problem, but you might want to try Win4Lin which is a program which runs Linux in the Windows OS. Windows and Linux are two different Operating Systems, so it might not be the best move to use two OS in one.

I think he can't start windows because he doesn't know the password. He's asking how to use a windows password tool without starting windows.

hmmmm ok srry let me explain more ok i have this password recovery tool and its an .exe file. So i want to run it in linux. Slax linux to be more exact There is a program called "wine" and it is supposed to let you run windows apps in linux. But they didnt have a version compatible with mine so it didnt work I hope that helped a little.

A Windows password recovery tool will be useless in Linux even if you were able to run it. The reason is that Linux/UNIX use entirely different password schemes than Windows, stores them in a different location and are not easily decoded, as the Windows password is. If you forget your password in a Linux/UNIX account, your only option is to replace the old password and say goodbye to any password encoded files. This is also why it's so difficult to hack into a Linux or UNIX system.

ok i have one I have linux ona live cd...slax linux But i want to run a windows .exe file in it How? I tried "wine" but it didnt have aversion compatible with mine. Thnks

You might also want to try out the VMWare server software. Hope this helped.