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Computer Keyboard Purse Answered

I recently came across this sweet keyboard purse by Portguese artist Joao Sabino. It comes in both white and black. I'm not quite sure if it's actually manufactured, but it might be nice to try to make one of my own. Link


LOVE it so cute

that is so cool it's freaking me out!!!! x_X

A laptop bag like this would be cool too.

Just checked the website, you can buy it and you can also get it in pink and red.

This would actually be VERY easy. I wonder if I can find neoprene fabric around here anywhere?

If you can't find it locally, you can definitely get it online.

although very chic, I am not so sure this would be very practical, would it?

should be fairly easily to replicate... just glue keys to a handbag


9 years ago

That is jsut amazing go for it.

You could even have white ones that spell out your name... in between the black ones.


9 years ago

Oh, cool!

Really really cool! Could you make an instructable for it! i think it's wonderful. thanks for posting!

I've been meaning to try something similar someday, and I can post one if I do.

Thats quite cool, if i Was a Girl and a Geek i would definitley buy this, maybe a backpack edition for the Lads