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Computer Mod Supplies Answered

Found this great resource for computer mods and mod supplies. They don't really have any hardware, but they have a good deal of water coolers, fans, and even some ridiculous energy drinks....



10 years ago

any good sites for UK buyers?

xoxide is a really great site, i've bought stuff from there before and they are reliable. i also like newegg for more basic hardware needs.

Yeah, newegg is nice to have around. Good prices and they carry all the hardware. I'm not knocking these modding sites, but sometimes I just want to get everything in one place. Newegg isn't as creative as some of these other places though, so all in all I think it's probably a good balance. **Anyone working on any new project rigs?**

lol i totally agree :) actually i have been thinking of starting a new rig... my main goal in life at the moment is to have a computer ready for Gears of War when it comes out for PC. well ok, a job, a car, and a girlfriend may come close as main goals but i mean daaaaang close... :P i am a full blooded nerd after all. i'll post if i start a new build. lol do i smell another instructable coming???


10 years ago


If your looking for new ideas....this guy has been making ridiculous mods, and video tutorials. Even if you don't like his stuff (hmmm.....) you can still learn a thing or two.

There is a podcast class that CNET puts out now and then on Computer MODs

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