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Computer fan to mains? Answered

Our offices were shipping up to move to a bigger branch. and there was loads of gear left over, i was most interested in a computer fan, and thought if there was a way i could get this to run off the mains?? I am unsure of the make model etc.. but any ideas would be helpful, i don't know why i am doing this i just try daft little things sometimes. I've been looking for a site like this for ages!! lol. It's UK mains incase that helps? would an old phone charger work? Any suggestions?


Umm 20 in series with a rectifier... Or using a 12V output from an old item like a scanner or printer...

Yeah an old phone charger should work, it'd be around 5 volts ish.

Most computer fans are 12 Volt DC, and yes any 12 VDC supply should work just look at the ratings on the supply, most fans require about 100 to 150mA.. if you have any computer power supplies they work great as well ....