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Computer from dump */Update/* Answered

I recently found this beauty in the town dump. It just sat there begging my name so i took it home.After i got it home i popped it open and looked at it and realized a DVD-RW drive was missing as was an 80 gig hdd and all the RAM. i am no expert and am wondering if this is worthy of buying the Ram (if so where and what price what type?) or if i should scrap it for the components or sell the video card and such on ebay? Your opinions on the possibility of it working and anything else are greatly appreciated. The images below should help with judgment. */Update/* I just tried starting it up. No louck i triead a moniter with digital input and one with analogue input both came up blank. then i tried both without the drive connected (earlier the drive just spun continuesly) and still no luck the onlly things that showed it was alive is when the keyboard flashed its lights for a second when the computer was starting up (the Num lock, caps lock, and scroll lock), the fact that when connected the drive spun furiously and that the power light on the front turned on. I'm at the point of considering whether to scrap it and sell the components and use the various bnits and pieces for expierments and the likes or to continue to try to coax it to life.


Wow, great find! Salvage the missing parts from another computer

The hard part is getting the right RAM that can be really tricky even when you are buying it. getting it from the junkyard is nearly impossible

Thats easy. Almost all of it is interchangeable except laptop ram.

from what ive heard there are like a billion different types of ram

Really? I've had the opposite experience... I'd have to agree w/ lemonshark10... You might just be lucky.


10 years ago

A problem is that you sorta need RAM to figure out whether the stuff that's left is working ("DDR" is obsolete, but not so old that I have any in my junk box.) I think if the CPU is working you should at least get a couple of beeps out of the speaker (that mean in diagspeak "I haven't got any RAM") The second picture you have labeled "The RAM that is no more" is actually PCI expansion card slots. (The first picture ("the RAM that doesn't exist") is right.) Looks like you have a video/TV input card as well as the display card.

Thanx for that i just deleted that comment "The Ram that is no more"

it sounds on most systems like its beeping on a funeral march; it puts out a several second beep, a pause, another long beep; you get the idea


10 years ago

Spec-wise, that's not bad for a cast-off. Seems to missing the CPU cooling fan (normally on the heatsink) as well. Check around--maybe you can scrounge some memory (from friends / family) to test it. If the CPU or motherboard is bad, it's probably not worth investing any more $$$, just strip all the useful stuff--even the case and powersupply are worth $30-40. I wonder who would salvage just the DVDdrive and fans, leaving all the rest, like the video capture card? (but it's your gain.)

The RAM specs are 512 mb DDR, but it also says it will handle up to 2 Gig http://dealnews.com/memory/prices/PC3200-DDR-400-MHz/27/512MB.html

However, seeing the VGA PC Monitor Connection in the back is a bit discouraging.

I would guess it is a few years old. There's no telling why it was junked though. If the motherboard is bad, or the cpu is shot or a bad bus.....it is really hard to tell just by looking at it.

However, seeing the VGA PC Monitor Connection in the back is a bit discouraging.

Did you notice the DVI input next to that?

No, I hadn't actually :-) His best bet is to do the minimum for it to get it on it's feet (using spares parts if he can) to find out what or if there is something wrong with what is left.