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Computer problem: Restore points: gone. Some functionality: gone. Quarantine folder: nothing special. What's wrong? Answered

Some background:

Machine: Gateway pc - dual processors
condition caused by: Running of Clam-Win Virus checker in Quarantine mode.

After the checker finished, I was unable to get to any programs nor able to run anything (including START - RESTART), etc.

The mouse worked.
The Google side bar was gone.
Finally, a 3 finger salute (ctl alt del) shut down the machine.
booted to SAFE MODE and found NO restore points. .
booted to normal admin and the Sidebar came back.
Several of my shortcuts worked at this point
(rechecked the restore points, they were definitely gone)

Clam-win has no "restore or unquarantine" program of it's own, at least, I couldn't find one....

In the Quarantine folder, it appears as though only junk from an unused signon was removed....

I am pulling out my hair here, trying to restore full functionality.....(I can't update FireFox when it asks to).

Unless there is NO other way, can anyone tell me where to go from here (before I use the SYSTEM RESTORE disk that came with the machine, 3-4 years ago).

I would appreciate anything helpful at this point.

PS: the image below is not from my scan. It is from an old scan I had saved....when the current scan finished, I had NO functionality at all, and could not get a screen shot... Still, it shows what Clam-Win looks like...



Best Answer 9 years ago

The restore disks may actually be your best bet. I saved my computer recently by restoring it, then downloading avast to get rid of anything unwanted. It was able to get my computer back to it's previous state.

Well McAfee does know ClamWin as a virus infection

of course, as noted in the text, that scan Example is not from MY machine ;-)

No offense, but how could you get infected by batch viruses? (judging by the ClamWin screen shot) They are so easy to prevent!

PS: the image below is not from my scan. It is from an old scan I had saved....

From an old sandbox machine I sometimes use to test from....

. If Clam-Win doesn't have an Undo or un-quarantine function, I'm not sure what to do. :( . Can you manually move the quarantined files back from whence they came?

I am not sure where they all went. They were SUPPOSED to only be quarantined and not deleted.....but the quarantined archived files only show that non-system files and programs I don't really use anymore, have been pulled and zipped. It is really frustrating....I haven't been able to download updates to Windows (do you know what date the no-more-support for XP goes into effect? ).

> do you know what date the no-more-support for XP goes into effect?
. According to this, June 30, 2009.

EEK...that's 2 months! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO! AHH AHHH EKK ...*faints*...

. I'm not sure if that means that Windows Update will quit working for XP or not, but I loaded up MSIE, went to Windows Update, and d/l'd SPs 1a, 2, and 3. Burned 'em to a CD (or was it a DVD?). I'll try to remember to d/l the updates since SP3 somewhere around Jun 27 or so.

I don't get updates OR error reports,so the no-more-support will not affect me :)

what does "d/l" and "d/l'd SPs 1a, 2, and 3"Mean? Really,i am no good with these 2 letter sentences

So you say that everything is screwed up and horrible? Try a system restore point,if you had system restore on. And try AvgFree,its good And lastly,try A fresh XP install(I'm sure microsoft will help you,if you don't have an install CD(but ofcourse your copy of XP has to be legal(And maybe you could try ...This is getting messy :P )))

I had restore on, but that stupid program even wiped them out (as malicious, and who knows, maybe they were; but it sure made my job a lot harder).

Ah,well,you can always try a reinstall

Well, I got most everything that I normally use, up and running again.....it just took a few days. Then, after making sure I could not restore from ClamWin.....I wiped the program and all it's files.

Ok,I'm not so good,i just screwed up the first sector of my brand new 2GB scandisk flash drive,It freezed windows when i would plug it in,now i formatted it(it took nearly an hour,due to the slow to frozen speed) and so far so good,now,lets see what happend when i do that to a floppy!


9 years ago

conficker? maybe, i dont know much about it...

Here is what happened. I had no problems, but ran the Clam-Win anti-virus program and it took nearly 3 days. THEN it gave me only a report. So since it said it had found some Trojans, I reconfigured Clam-Win to quarantine them. When the program finished.... I got the above results....

ouch...three days?....i would download AVG free and run a scan.... check this out and see what you see...

AVG and my firewall don't get along well....

what firewall do you have? and may i suggst this: clicky

Check Point's Zone Alarm (I had Norton on another machine but didn't care for how much it slowed older machines down...)

I also use Ad-Aware, and SpyBot in addition to my ZA firewall and virus checker.

sounds like you have a good aresnal, but i just don't kknow.....did the conficker eye chart test work?

What has happened, happened because of Clam-Win antiVirus and whatever it did to my machine. It has effectively stopped OS updates, although MicroSoft kind of did that on their own, since I have XP.

well...not sure what i can tell you...but, i would reccomend a *nix OS.....that way you won't have to worry so much about virusses

Well, this is not the first time I had more troubles with the virus checker then I have had with viruses themselves.....*sigh*