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Computer screen problem Answered

I've got windows vista home premium 64 bit with an HP w2338h display. Whenever I open a picture in windows photo gallery or sometimes when I maximize a youtube video the picture goes black and white, with verticle lines, and out of resolution as well-- help?



Best Answer 7 years ago

You probably need to install a driver for the monitor. (Actually, it is not a driver, but a description, what your monitor is capable of doing.)

Check the HP homepage for a driver. (Maybe it's on a CD/DVD that came with the monitor)

Another idea - probably, your graphic card can just not display videos in this resolution. Still photos should work, though. Do you have a new version of DirectX installed?

It could be the graphics card, but it didn't do this when we got the monitor... Also, I checked in the device manager, and the computer says the graphics card is working fine, and the driver is up to date. I think a failure with the monitor's descriptions is maybe more plausible, so I'll try that next. Still photos sometimes do this too, and so do some programs, like the arduino environment. I can't figure out how to update directx.

Turns out reseating the RAM helped the problem (at least for now). Thanks though for all your suggestions...

I have the exact same display, what interface are you connected with? VGA or HDMI? The monitor has known issues with HDMI. My monitor will have really dull colours with HDMI, but not with VGA.

If you're using HDMI, try swapping the cable for a VGA one.  If that doesn't work, try downloading the latest drivers for your graphics card.

Check your settings when it goes B&W, what do they change to?

There are 2 settings, the ones on the monitor (press the menu button and navigate and see if something looks odd) and the settings on your computer (right click the desktop and click personalize, then display settings. check the display resolution and colour quality. If they all look normal, then I would update your graphics card drivers.

Just a thought here, has the monitor worked in the past? If so, have you done anything that could have changed something?

You need Mac OS X Leopard and an iMac

I'd rather not dish out thousands of dollars for a more convenient os


For a display with 1920x1080 resolution?
Windows did handle that with XP years ago.

(Written on a XP laptop with 1920x1200)