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Computer turns on but then monitor goes to sleep. Can aneone tell me what's wrong? Answered

I found this out at the curb with someone's garbage. It turns on and the dvd rom drive opens and closes but when i plug a monitor into it the monitor goes to sleep. Its not a very old computer and i would like to get it working. Can anyone help me fix it or telling what is wrong with it? The model number is T3410 desktop pc its made by emachines and runs on Windows XP



Best Answer 9 years ago

sounds like the computer is not outputting to the monitor. The graphics card is either not enabled or, because it was out on the cub, broken. To test if it is not enabled, boot the computer using a linux disc, such as the ubuntu live cd. if the monitor displays something, the graphics card is not configured in windows. otherwise the graphics card is probably broen. be sure that you arent using a broken monitor....

yes im positive because i have tried two different monitors and when the monitor is on but not attached to the pc it says " No Signal"

if you have tried two monitors, then it is not the monitor... im guessing your gfx card is bad...

ya i agree and its integrated into motherboard so i'm just going to use the comp for parts thanxfor your help though.

no problem... you can usually install a discrete graphics card in most desktop machines... but parts are fine too

My sister's Dell laptop is doing the exact same thing. The first thing we found was that something had changed the display settings to turn off the screen 60 seconds after boot. 2 weeks later the computer starts and the monitor doesn't power on at all. My thought is a virus but I am not into that.

I am not an expert by no means but try this ,open case and find the little battery for the bios I think unplug all cords first then take the little battery out push the power of and on a couple of times to drain all power out of the mother board then replace the battery and all the cords and fire up the pc , this will take it back to factory setting ?

CLUBBY667 - Just wanted to say "THANKS" !! I did just what you said to, and amazingly, IT WORKED!! THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!

it will look like a watch battery. this will reset your bios. which controlls what devices boot the pc, system date and time, hard drives... etc...

To be completely honest with you EMachines are well known for using very cheap components which break very easily. The motherboard is the thing on these that fry and as the graphics are onboard nothing with be displayed. But the thing is still switching on, Which is rare so if you could just tell me something we can see what we can do here. Right, Unplug everything from the back of the computer just leaving the power cable. It should beep when you switch it on. If you could tell me how many beeps and how long/short they were I may be able to help you. If there are no beeps you now know why it was chucked out, The motherboard may be dead.

It didn't beep but i can hear the hard drive spinning and fans turning but you know the little light to show that the computer is working? that's not on or even flashing. Diagnosis please?


CLUBBY667 You said that you are on expert you are not YOU ARE A STAR..I Have Been Trying To Fix This Problem For Ages On My Brothers Vista pc....I Tried What You Said About Taking Out The Battery And Rebooting A Few Times....( i rebooted 10 times too be sure ) Then Pluged It All Back Up And It Booted UP...WITH NO LOSS OF CONTENT............THANKS A MILLION..............................I'LL SAY IT AGAIN YOU'RE A STAR

I am going to guess it is the Video card, try installing a new one.