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Computer won't detect 8gb zune-brand new, 28 hours out of box-can you help? Answered

Hey, all.

Yesterday, I bought an 8 gb zune and brought it home. I tried turning it on, but all I got was a screen w/ the zune logo, so I figured I had to leave it charging. I went home, disconnected the zune as per instructions I read on the official site, downloaded the software, installed the software (after redownloading because the first one got interrupted and thus currupted), and plugged it in.

The software never recognized it. I kept getting the zune logo (on the player screen), no matter what. Once, I got it to say "charging", but that's it. I left it connected with the logo screen on all night and all this morning, and this afternoon have played with it with no success. Did a hard reboot.

Finally got it to turn on when disconnected and say something about connecting to the social network or something, but pressing the ok button in the center of the zune didn't work. Neither did pressing play, or back. It showed critical battery and turned itself off. Did this twice more, apparently I've completely drained the battery because it won't turn on at all now. If I connect it now, the computer dings over and over and over like it knows something is happening but can't figure it out.

Apparently this is a common problem, I have googled and tried many things with no success.

I've tried all my usb ports, it's brand new out of the box, so is the cord, I know all my usb ports work.

It does show up under device manager, with a yellow question mark beside it.

I'm about ready to return this piece of microsoft junk, before I do, I thought I'd see if anyone has a zune or knows how to fix this...

Can anyone help me?


Whatever you do, don't get an iPod. Also, your tags are weird. You have to put commas between each tag :-/

Why not get an iPod? They're great little players that are very reliable.

iPods are great... if they were cheaper and less locked. And did more.

You can't put rockbox on all iPods. Although I do have rockbox on my Sansa e200 series player.

Lol, yep, it's the 2 gig one.

Fear not, I did get the change to handle an 8 gig one though...I convinced my grandma to buy one (before she died)and helped her with it...she really liked it...

Same one I have. You don't have rockbox on it, do you?

No, I was going to put rockbox on it for her, but for some reason she didn't want it, I was going to try to convince her to get it the next time I saw her.

Shop around. My 80 gig classic was the price of a 8gig nano. They're just as locked as any other player if you use the right software, no firmware hacks required. Plus they do everything! I read e-books on mine, watch movies, sync it with last night's TV to watch it on the bus, play games, use it for a calendar.

How do you sunch it with last night's tv? Are you running rockbox or some other alternative firmware?

No, I just get it off the BBC iPlayer service, then get iTunes to sync the video from the downloaded iPlayer episodes.

I don't like to pay for tv online when I already pay for satellite...

iPlayer is free :-) It's one of the many catch-up services that UK channels now offer, such as 4oD.


Wait. Wait a minute.

Hang on.

I could get Dr.Who off iPlayer and synch it to my zune?!


Oh, I thought you took shows you had recorded from your physical TV and synced them...that is my current technology holy grail.

I forgot to mention, I also have it download certain programmes from my TV tuner card (for digital channels) and snyc them too.

YAY! I exchanged it and the new one works perfect! W00t!

Thank you! I already solved the problem though, I exchanged it and the new one works perfectly. :)


10 years ago

If the computer recognizes it as a "storage devise" then its your zune that is defected...
Your best bet would be to return it to the store, hopefully you bought the warranty.

next time get an ipod, hehe :D

No, it won't recognize it because zunes aren't supposed to work that way...I'm just gonna return it tomorrow. Thanks though. :) I would get an ipod, but there are three deal killer for me : No fm tuner Can't take songs back off once they're put on More expensive per gig than other mp3 players Oh, well, I'll buy something else with my money...

You can get songs off them, I do it with mine all the time. Just use Floola or Sharepod instead of iTunes.

Hmmm, really? It isn't a big deal? I may have to reconsider...

Nope, it's surprisingly easy. Just Apple don't like you doing it, but i'll never tell ;-)

Probably not, you paid for the music, it's just the same as putting it on a flash drive to play on another computer (of yours).

sounds good, glad to be of minimal assistance!

Defective. Try a Creative Zen. It has an fm tuner, can take songs off, has a recorder, SD card slot, and is only around $80 (usd) for a 4g. You migt want to look into it. I have one and I love it!

Oohh, that does sound good! I'll look into that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!

Take a look at the palm pilots as well, they have MP3, Video playback, E-book, surf the internet (( Instrucatables )) read emails, Bluetooth, 802.11 wireless, GPS...

Those are also nice (a little pricier though)

When you look at the Ipod vs PDA, for what you get the PDA is a better value, the TX is only $299 the E2 tungsten is only $199 and an Ipod 80 gig is $249 and 160 is $349.... You can get all kinds of extras for a PDA, I can link a PDA to a ODB II interface in a car even the older GM ALDL interface and see whats wrong with it, adjust timing issues, You can use a bluetooth GPS and headsets, keyboards, interface with most newer cell phones and dial out on them, Control your PC from your bed.. If your feeling lazy you can even view web cams on it to see who's ringing the door bell, print stuff out..... And most importantly you can Surf Instrucables..... Prices are from Palm's US store and Apples US store, I'm sure with a little shopping you can find them cheaper (( A blemished palm TX is only $227 or open box for $239 ))

The best I could do is a 4GB Zen for $99 an 8 GB for $130 and a 16GB for $179 And I found brand new Palm TX for $235 and a E2 Tungsten for $159... And I wasn't looking that hard for one.... So yes they are a few dollars more but you get alot more bang for you buck.... And Palm is not the only PDA out there (( IU just like them because they take lots of abuse and I'm hard on them ))


10 years ago

Maybe the chord is broken and has defect in one of the wires. There might be a short or one of the wires might be cut at a point. I guess you could have them test it or see if it is a problem with the Zune or the software.

. Wild guess, but you may need to install ActiveSync (or whatever it's called nowadays). I had to install it before my Axim would be recognized properly.

That might be...but I decided to take it back tomorrow. Which I guess means I should have remembered to delete this forum topic! Thanks anyway, though. :)