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Concentrated Photovoltaic? Answered

I have converted a Satellite TV dish to a solar concentrator. Now, how do I generate electricity from the concentrated heat? Is there any photovoltaic available for this?


It would probably be easier to rig up the air conditioner expansion and condensing system right to the dish than to do all that molten salt and other stuff. Look up icy ball refrigerators

you could heat water and turn a small turbine you could find a small solar panel and mount it to turn it directly into electricity, but there is a VERY good chance you will melt it, I recommend putting mesh or something over the curved part to REDUCE the amount of light actually making it to the panel This WILL shorten the panel's live and even cause it to melt if you are not careful.

Thank you for the reply. Will turning a turbine produce sufficient power? I am looking like something that can power an air-conditioner!

Well, it depends, is it an efficient airconditioner? How big is your dish? You will not be able to run a full sized air conditioner on just one 4x4 solar cell if that's what your after...

I am using an 80cm Satellite Dish. To keep the space usage low, I am putting together a huge stack of PV cells housed inside a 1 ft cube. Then the light rays are scattered to the cells using internal reflections guided by prisms and mirrors. This way I can compress around ten solar panels inside one box. I am still working on it and have to pass through large hurdles. Meanwhile, I planning to construct another dish and to try using molten salt for steam generation. But I don't know how to proceed with steam generation and turbine stuff, for which I am seeking help here. Thank you.