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Concept for Pump + Bolt Action Answered

I had this idea for awhile. Basically you combine the pumping action of a pump and the loading action of a bolt action to get something with a high RoF and high power without needing a turret. The idea is quite simple really. My idea is to have a bolt loading pin attached to a pump that contains the magazine. when you pull the magazine back far enough it will load a round into the chamber. When you move the pump back the bolt pin will push the piece of ammo forward with it. Anyone feel up to making something like this?



I built that, it was not sturdy though, and it got low range and was hard to pump.

I tried something exactly like this a few months back, but it didn't work out too well, so I destroyed it and didn't mention it.

Why? Are you trying to get credit or something? I had this idea shortly after when bolt action was pretty much made. I wanted to keep it secret and try it myself but I never got around to it so I finally decided to let someone else try it.

No, I'm just saying that you were not the first person to think of this idea and that I tried something like this.  It's for informational purposes.

Did you not just read? I had this idea almost as long as bolt action itself. I had the idea for bolt action for quite a long time so when it was finally done well for the first time I started thinking about how it could be pump action but didn't think it would work out at first. I don't care if I was first or not. The point is that the entire community didn't have this idea so I was sharing it with them

This was one of the first ideas me, you and Katarukito came up with, lol.

*This comment is directed to DJ, just replied to you*

Lawl, at first I thought you invented a new term for what TD described above.

Lwal, ta tsrif I thguoht uoy detnevni a wen mret rof tahw DT debircsed evoba.

This is going to be pump action, I just haven't gotten there yet.

You're quickly becoming one of my new favorite K'nexers.

 Why thank you.  lol.  When this is finished I am going to make one with the same bullet transfer concept, only it won't have a removable mag, but it will be a sling gun.  I also have an idea for a slide action that separates the bullet, I'll add it to knex concepts.


8 years ago

looks nice!

yep, same avatar! lol!

Grr one of you is going to need to change the FN2000 to something else. I remember a lot of people by their avatars and you two will screw me up lol.

And? If you gave someone a half a candy bar and someone else 9/20 of a candy bar it would be relatively hard to tell the difference unless they were side by side.

Gunman 94's gun looks greenish and is smaller.

sounds cool, I won't be able to build this anytime soon, my next concept is a bit like ZKAR (1) except the trigger operates loading mech

So kind of like firing from an open bolt? In real fire arms that means that the firing mechanism would be held back until the trigger was pulled and then a round would be loaded and fired all at once.

...exactly. So the the firing pin is drawn back but a piece of ammo still isn't loaded. The ammo will be loaded and then fired all at once by pulling the trigger?

no, when the pin is pulled back past the trigger, it moves into place also loading the ammo.

Ah. Well then I guess I have a new idea on bolt action then. I'll see how well your idea works out first. Otherwise I'd like to try making one that has the trigger pull both load and shoot the round. 

Reminds me of the Nerf Maverick. When you pull back the trigger, the revolver/turret/thing spins to the right to align with the mechanism and then the round/dart is fired.

Could be a nice way to spice up a turret design.


8 years ago

Now, THIS would be a REAL pump action. In a real gun, the pump gets pulled back to allow a bullet to be fed into the chamber. Then, when the pump is pulled forward, it gets loaded into the breech. This has the same concept. K'NEX has only gone far enough to have the pull-back useful.

 I was actually working on something just like this-only not really bolt action (though it does move the round to a separate chamber), but it uses a sling. 


8 years ago

 Can I add it to the knex concepts ible?

this is something i'm going to try
after i build all those crismes presents

I like having a hopper with pump actions.

So pretty much, you pump the pump, it loads a round into a horrizontal mag thingy, and pulls back the pin. Bringing the pump back resets the mag.


I'd try, but I'm low on pieces.

me too, something happened to like half of my effing small green rods so im incapable of making alot of things on the site now :'(