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Concept shotgun Answered

Sorry, no images yet. I was taking them but it turns out I broke my SD card. The switch on it is lost so it's always locked. I'd crack it open and see if I could fix this but it turns out there's already a crack in it and I don't want to break it entirely. The good news though is that I have a second SD card which I'll find tomorrow. I might also get a video. I know it's going to be hard to understand without pictures but this probably won't pass through the filters tonight anyways.

Anyways, onto the gun. It's too flawed to be posted itself but I'm hoping someone can take, modify, and make practical the basic concept of this gun. Basically, it's 5 layers wide, including the magazine so that 3 pieces of ammo fit side by side. The next part is a two for one deal. It's a new (as far as I know) front hooked pin where the bands are set up on a connector in front, creating a sort of charging handle like pin. The body has a gap in the sides to allow the connector to protrude out. The rod then goes into the back of the gun acting as its own pin guide. The connector in front hits all 3 pieces of ammo when fired giving it a shotgun effect as well (though you could just as easily use the pin concept for a single shot weapon too).

Again, my gun isn't built as good as it could be but so far mine fires up to 4 sets of 3 dark grey connectors and white rods. I used connectors because rods don't like to stack nearly as well as connectors do. It's not too durable for the sake of being compact but you could easily make support structures to make sure the gun stays solid. I'm thinking with the new pin, pump action could easily be set up.


Alright I'm going to be getting a video shortly. I have to use my camcorder though so that means I have convert the file and I don't know how long that'll take. I'll try keeping the video short though.


Something I just now noticed is that you could take off the white rod from the connectors and then add 3 more dark greys in the same row to have 6 shots instead of 3. I haven't tested this yet though so I don't know how well it'll fire.

About time we had a fresh new gun on ibles that's actually good.

Yeah I'm surprised no one else built it first. I had the idea for a few months but thought something just had to go wrong. Other than being a flimsy design, the concept actually works fairly well. I'll get some pictures in a little bit but you don't really need to see the design clearly to understand the concept. Just make a rod sized barrel that has open sides and a 5 layered magazine.

Nice, gun. May I post this? Full credit of course! I have posted a modded version in a video today but wanted to ask if I may post.

Awesome. If you can make it much more structurally strong and still decent looking then yeah I'd love if someone could finally post it. It'd be nice to see it turn into a possible war weapon.

Mind if I try and modify it into an underbarrel variant? Full credit will go to you of course.

I guess if you want. I was planning on putting it on my UWG (ultimate war gun) but if you can design it in such a way that it can attach to most weapons then that could be pretty useful for people who want to use a different main gun.

It's turning out to be quite tricky because of the unique pin...

Because it sticks out the back? You could probably get rid of that as long as you have parts around the outside of the connector keeping it in the barrel. Essentially it's more like a rail gun then.

That's what I'm thinking of doing, my mechanism is pretty clever but it uses modular 'rounds' that incorporate a pin and trigger mechanism, more like a grenade launcher than a shotgun really, as you have to pull out the used 'casing' and fit a new one each time. I would prefer your one greatly in a combat situation.

Did you get your camera fixed yet?

No I haven't found my other camera but I found the camcorder. The quality with that thing sucks because of its slow shutter speed but it's better than nothing. However, I already destroyed the gun. I'm going to try once more to see if I can make a sturdy design and then I'll post it.

Screw it, I still didn't like how it turned out. Well the concept is out there now. Someone else can expand on it. I decided to remake the UMP-45 to be much better now.

I'm currently experimenting with a top/bottom based design instead of a side design. These would be much stronger structurally and even easier to adapt a pump too. However, I only tried it with one pin and connector for a single shot revisit to my pen gun. It's still not satisfactory.
It's probably something that could be fixed with better housing and definitely with a pump but the pin occasionally comes out from the barrel. Using a clear/black rod would probably help too. I'm going to try using three attached pins but have the connectors protrude under the barrel and see if that would work better for the shotgun concept.

That's awesome

Watched the vid and stuff and it looks good

Like the idea of your perfect war gun

Oh yeah, I might build your UMP, is it good? and reliable?

Lol wow I forget how old that thing is getting. But yes it was reliable as far as I remember. Average power but satisfactory for a replica. It was a more just for fun type weapon.

Which is what i like,

Ill start building tomorrow

Ugh sorry guys. Have been a little busy lately and I can't find the stupid camera with the other SD card. The gun itself really isn't as important as the concept it's demonstrating but it'd be nice if you could actually see what I was trying to explain.

Make a drawing of what it does on paint.

My paint drawings don't do concepts justice.

As long as we know what is going on, it will be fine.

WOW its been a while since ive been on here. It just happens that I was planning on making a pump action sling shotgun, using a triple laver version of my mag along with the BTPA pump and transfer concept. Instead of using a band I could use this connector idea with two pegs on the side where the bands can attach. Great idea.

sounds great and very logical! cant wait until the concept turns into a great-working shotgun.

Why does every time someone create something that works, their SD card or camera is either lost or broken?

Anyways I can't wait to see pictures.

Well I think in most cases they're just making up an excuse because they're too lazy. I do run into a lot of bad luck when it comes to SD cards though. I'm hoping my parents just forget about the SD card I have. Luckily it's an adapter for a micro card so I could probably just get a replacement adapter which won't cost nearly as much as an actual SD card.

I'll go look for the other SD card after I'm done eating.

Why not just plug your camera directly into a computer?

You take some pretty darn good pictures with a DSi and its >1MP camera.

Lol really? Usually my pictures don't turn out well because I have hands that are way too shaky.

The ones on the Oodassault 3.6 Instructable were really nice.

Heh, I decided to check for myself and found that surprisingly some were actually pretty detailed on some parts so then I decided to check the actual image properties. I figured out that the default names of the pictures started with letters different than my DSi's pictures. I'm guessing that it was back when I didn't know where my DS's SD card was so I just decided to use my digital camera instead.

Doesn't your cell phone have a camera?

Yes but then what? I don't have a plan that allows me to send photos for free. I can't use the internet on my phone (blocked entirely) and it'd cost money to text email a photo to myself. It's not worth it.

Don't you have a cable that plugs your phone into your computer?

Actually I do but for some reason, the cable is of a different brand than the phone so even though I can charge my phone, it won't transfer data with the computer. I never saw it as a big enough problem to go in and request the proper cable. I'm guessing my phone was used and returned during the trial period because I also noticed the battery was already in it out of the box when they were setting it up for me.

I think walmart sells 2GB microSD cards + adapters for around $15, last I checked.

Yeah I was hoping hoping to find just the adapter but I guess I might as well spend the extra money to get the microSD. The thing is, I don't have a job at the moment. I watch my sisters so much that my schedule would be way too inflexible and my parents don't pay me often so I don't really have a steady source of income. I'm rather stingy because of that.

Good concept if only I worked well

hmm interesting...

I tried the same sort of thing some time ago, but mine was more of an underbarrel shotgun thing, pics are below along with the two different types of ammo I used, one was better as a grenade and the other was better as shot, but I can't remember which


7 years ago

souds good, cant wait to see the pics!


7 years ago

Cool. Sounds good.