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Conceptual Car Answered

If you could invent any kind of car, what would it look like? What makes this car different from one you could just buy? Can it turn into a boat? Can it roll like a ball? Is in powered by bycicle pedals? Can it fly? Describe your car.


An electrathon-type body with supercaps instead of batteries, 3 mars PMAC motors (one on each wheel), air-free tires, a nuvinci CVP for each motor, the whole thing is covered in solar panel, everything possible is grade 5 titanium (honeycomb for the body), a parallax propeller with access to EVERYTHING, super-bright LED under-body lighting with seperate RGB channels, peltier devices recovering energy from the motors, LED everything (including headlights), regen, air + magnetic suspension, and... uh... did I forget anything?

yeah, I know it's the biggest run-on sentence ever...

Don't forget the transverse-mounted induced-torque modality propounders, or the obverse-shafted genuine calfskin bivalve extruders!

For whatever value to apply to this, I want mine to be at least possible with current technology.

If we're allowed fusion, then this:


Of course! Fusion is definently (did I spell that right?) acceptable! We actually encourage the use of fusion reactors to power stuff!

Cool....replace the wussy little straight-six with a recirculating steam turbine, then. That's a 1949 Bentley S1 Continental Fastback, I neglected to mention that in the first place.

I would like to not how great it is that everyone is posting images with their comments! Pictures are worth a thousand words. (A thousand pictures are worth a million words in case anyone cares.)

See dream motorcycle thread

Well since it could do anything... a fusion powered flying car with body styling of a 70's Corvette Stingray, blue with silver racing stripes.


Heck yeah. It would have to look like the Stingray. I would personally go with black, but since it can do anything, it should be able to change colors. So no worries there.

Don't they make paint that changes colors depending on the temperature?

There is a paint that changes colour depending on the angle you look at it.

I drove by one of those last weekend! It was sooo cool!

I once saw video of a Japanese concept car that was effectively a huge bristlebot. It wasn't practical (Japanese car makers give their designers free reign occasionally, to relieve the stress of being a salaryman), but it looked fun. Your filling wouldn't last, though...

I designed this bike pedal-powered go kart on Google SketchUp (check out my group). It is to be used in a Super-soaker war, airsoft war, paintball war, etc. It seats six (should probably seat just four because of weight). It has a driver, 4 passengers, and a tail gunner seat. There are three doors. Two on the sides, and on on the rear. It has lexan/plexiglass windows, and has holes cut in them for sticking your weapon out and shooting. There is a large hole in the back window for an air cannon that the tail gunner could use.

go kart.pnggo kart rear.png