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Concrete Flash Drives Answered

These flash drives by Shu-Chun Hsiao are serious. The drives are encased in concrete and are embossed with the weight of each one, a number that correlates with the flash drive's capacity. I love the idea, but 256g sticking out the front of my desktop is just going to destroy itself.

P.S. This would make a great entry for the upcoming USB Contest

Concrete Memory, Get Totally Cemented

via TechEBlog


 Fairly cool,  but I think some machined steel would be way more awesome

 If I wanted to pay more than I care for, on something I don't need, just to break my computer with it's weight, I'd by it. What I think is more amazing are those 1 gram flash drives. But again, more money than I care to use, on something I don't need, for something with probably enough memory for one photograph, compressed to the point that it is one pixel.

Maybe it's just my math but doesn't that scale read 115g not 128g?  It's still a very cool idea though.  Maybe filling the text in with paint or epoxy would bring the weight up a bit.

It looks to be reading slightly under 115g which is right for bang-on 4 ounces. What is the point of taking a picture like that without adding some coins or tweaking the adjust wheel to show what you want eh?
Good observation. The only thing I can think of is that they've converted between ounces and metric at some stage, but even the international troy ounce isn't going to give you 128g = 4oz


Or it is a cheap plastic kitchen scale that is not that accurate.

They've got it bang-on 4oz, that must have been what they were aiming for? Cheap, yes, but the adjust-wheel alone would probably give you the 128g, I see a bad metric-imperial conversion.


You're right!  Who knew the yen's exchange rate was affecting their scales?
Or maybe the flash drive is empty...all those bits can get heavy...

If the one pictured is loaded with vacation photos, would it be a quarter-pounder with cheese?

 I do like this idea. 

I had already got my USB project planned, but I may have a go at something similar.

There must be some heavy data stored on that one... (bad puns ahoy!)

But this is not for me... It's not practical at all although I like the idea behind it :)

That would be so much harder for drives that are closer to 2 or 4 G!

Plug them in with an extension cable, you're fine.

 Is that what you call rock-solid memory?