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Concrete/Tile over laminate? Answered

I have a plain black laminate countertop in my bathroom that shows just about every drop of water with a nice white ring.  I was hoping to do a concrete or tile top but I'd like to keep it cheap by just doing it on top of the existing laminate.  Anyone know if this is possible?


Concrete countertops need to be pretty thick (1-1/2" minimum) so they don't crack and most stock cabinets need to be reinforced to support that weight. I don't think that pouring the concrete over the laminate would be a viable idea.

I have done several of these and have no reports of problems. Clean the old surface with acetone first to remove any oil or grime. If you are going to use thinset then take a belt sander or grinder with a course sandpaper and really rough up the surface. Tile in the usual manner. If you are using large tile, 12x12 or larger then I just stripe the back with construction adhesive and set the tiles with no grout spaces. As I set each tile I run a light bead of silicone around tile and butt the edges tight to make sure no germ holding gunk can get between them.

It would probably be better to simply pull off the counter top and affix 3/4" plywood to the top. Weight for either should not be an issue as long as you arent planning on having long overhangs, In any case, you may want to beef up the areas you are attaching the plywood to in order to ensure a good bond.

If you are going to do tile over the exisiting laminate, make sure you remove all dirt and oil, and scruff up the surface first with 50-grit sandpaper since laminate in a non-pourous material and the thinset wont adhere otherwise.

My concern would be; will the unit under the countertop be able to carry the added weight?

That was my concern as well but i figured that if the concrete was thin enough it would be fine, maybe. I just can't seem to find anyone who has done it, successfully or not.