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Condom Electricity Maker Answered

can anyone say if, or how this works?


All the metal junctions are connected directly, and shielded from the light by more foil. So, no solar effects. There could be thermo-electric effects? But all the potential thermocouples are cancelled by being symmetrical... I think it's either fake or a coincidence of a chemical reaction between the minerals in the water and the metal gubbins.

I say fake. Phew, at first i thought it used friction to generate energy

. Yeah. After the recent power-generating bra, this was a bit of a let down.

. I'm with you, any cell/battery would be shorted out. My wild guess is that the meter is on ohms and he has made a photoresistor.

My guess is that he put a solar cell or photoresistor in the condom for the final shot. The thing he designed was completely symmetrical, I don't see how it could create a voltage across itself, and I'm pretty sure photoresistors need something more exotic than aluminium foil and pennies. I call fake. This is why I prefer youtube over metacafe- if you create a monetary incentive for people to create quick, pointless videos and shill them as mercilessly as they possibly can to get views, you will inevitably get a load of rubbish like this being spread around. I usually don't watch metacafe videos on principle apart from those made by people I know can be trusted to produce sensible content, and only watched this one because I was interested by your comments. This isn't the first fake science experiment on metacafe and it certainly won't be the last.


10 years ago

There are at least three dissimilar metals in there (copper pennies and wire, steel hairpins, aluminum tape.) Given a slightly ionic liquid, there could easily be SOME electricity generated, and I don't have a huge problem believing that light would have a measurable effect on the output (meters are very sensitive these days, you know.) That's a long way from making it a USEFUL effect or effective power generator.