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Conductive Paint in RadioShack! Answered

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that our conductive paint pens are now available in RadioShack stores across the US! (and online too)

If you're not already familiar
 with what we do you can think of the material as a paintable wire (but there is a lot more to it than that).

Check out
our new group page for some of our Instructables or you can take a look at our site for more info about the material and applications.

Can't wait to see what everyone gets up to with it!


Hey conductive guys! :D
Here are the pictures I promised!
Sorry it took me so long to get to radioshack!
And it looks like you have a competitor (not price wise though!!)



Do you think I'd be able to put the ink (paint) into a empty ballpoint pen? Is it too thick? I'd like to be able to write with it, using less material, having thinner lines, and more accuracy.

You might also look at the Circuit Scribe pen - it looks like it can do pretty fine lines.


This, is a very good question. It is "kinda" possible. Give it a go and let us know how you get on. We've had mixed results. Works great if you hack a deodorant or eye roller (cosmetic) ball.

Wow I saw this stuff at radioshack when I went to go pick up some electronics. I'm gonna have to get some soon!
It's too cool not to have around :D

So glad that you saw it! You should certainly pick some up. We're based in the UK, so it's killing us not to be able to see it in stores ourselves...We're coming over for Maker Faire Bay Area and will certainly go to RadioShack then!

Just think, I could have circuits drawn all over my walls . . . :D
Lolz that would be pretty darn awesome, having flashing LED on the walls, with a circuit drawn :D

EXACTLY! Not just circuits on paper. Circuits on EVERYTHING!

Wait, you are right! I could draw a 555 LED flasher circuit on my forehead :D!!!! You made up my mind, I'm going to radioshack first chance ;-)
Oh, but is it washable? Is it permanent???

You sound inspired! It is washable with soap and water, so don't throw it into the washing machine. Let us know if you make it to RadioShack, we'd love to see photos of the pen in the store. Since we're in the UK, we can't exactly just "pop in." :(

Sure, I'll post some pictures for you when I go.
That is crazy- a washable ink wire!