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Cone Clutch Answered

im working on a clutch to put on my chopper im powering it with a 3 horse power snowblower two stroke and plan on using a quassi bike snowblower clutch so the gears are staggered in a traditional bike shape and the belt is tightened and ingaged by a drum putting pressure on it my clutch "cogs" look like this (i'll get some pics up if i can figure out how) !--- ! \ ! --- ! \ ! ---! ! ---! ! / ! ---/ ! / !--- it gets smaller to larger in a cone shape with steps cut into it they will be connected to the wheel and to the engine with the pressure drum and a derailer in the middle the pressure drum keeps the slack out of the belt and the derailer will pull the belt up and down the "cog" gotta go will post more later.


sorry i had to go and my "diagram" got messed up weird its kinda a Q and kinda not if u have info or pics (like trebuchet) post it maybe it will help someone else figure one out too but its also info other people can use oh and how do u post a pic i cant figrue it out then i could show u better. oh and yes treb if u could post that it would be a big help esecially a conical one.

Was there a question? Or is this just for information?

I can make some scans from my machine design book --- it talks about all sorts of clutch types (including conical). If anyone's interested, I'll post a diagram ;)