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Confession! Guilty Pleasures. Embarassing but Catchy Music. Answered

OK, We all have one or two- the band, artist or song that we secretly like. They may be sissy, unimaginitive, woefully uncool, or too commercial. Maybe you liked them when you were young, and you still can't help but listen when they come on the radio. So, what are your guilty pleasures (musically!)? Who are you ebarassed to listen to, but still can't help yourself?


I have no guilty secrets about my musical tastes, and inflict them all on my classes. In my car right now I have a ska compilation, some Irish folk (the Dubliners) and Led Zeppelin's "Mother Ship".

So Kiteman.... If we looked into your past, we'd hear no ABBA, Air Supply, or BeeGees?

ABBA, lol. They may be some of the most catchy, yet embarassing bands of all time.

Point and case...
,Note: Intro doesn't end until about 50 seconds in.,

i love that song! ha, so do my freinds, we all agreed it was awsome, after my freind posted it on buzz!

That wasn't ABBA. But I've go to admit that they (ABBA) fit the topic pretty well... (really enjoyed "Mama Mia!")

Um. Lots of "show tunes." Traumatic memories of taking Mame to the 6th-grade end-of-year party...

Not ABBA, but written by them for Murray Head to sing.

Come to think of it, a lot of my music collection is "filk", so I have a lot to be embarrassed about :-)

Oh, you'd hear them all, and Jethro Tull as well. I'm just not embarrassed by them.

Nothing wrong with Jethro Tull! But the others would be on par with nose-picking or cross-dressing (whatever floats your boat, just not in public!).

Ok, shall we then introduce: The Village People.....

Who here remembers that when the Grammy's introduced the "heavy metal" category, Jethro Tull was the first recipient?

That was hilarious! I was just waiting for Pat Boone to get a mention.

Do you have a copy of the

Disco Duck !!!

. I could have happily gone the rest of my life without hearing that "song" again.

One of my favorite music essays is where Lester Bangs talks about how he was flown to Vietnam to get to the bottom of the whole Jethro Tull thing. Now whenever I think about Jethro Tull, all that comes to mind is Vietnamese folk music.


The only song I really liked that the Bee Gees ever did, and it wasn't their own song, was "Turn Around" - ( Final Destination II ? )

Wow. That takes guts. I'd rather be caught in public in only my underwear, than admit to an affinity for Air SUpply!

lets see, its the parents job to embarrass their kids what happens when you run out of material? looks like someone will be dropping their kids off to the blasting sound of Air Supply

It sufficiently embarasses the kids when I start thrashing to the Ramones or Sex Pistols. I enjoy embarassing the kids, but not myself in the process!

Hey, I like Air Supply's song! It's amazing how many different versions you can hear of just one tune...

Ska? I didn't know it was possible, but I respect you even more now.

College was a confusing period....

i love his songs! nothing to be ashamed of there, every time we go to our cottage, (in the country) we playy country roads, so fun!

O_O Randy likes John Denver... >Head 'asplodes

On the up side, you can actually understand what he's singing...

Here is one I finally ended up breaking the 45 to LOL It got to be pretty popular....of course, the parents, at the time, didn't rally understand the song at all. . . 1972 if IIRC.....Sweet

I loved a lot of his songs :-) Annie's song for one and the one he did with Placido Domingo......um, Perhaps Love , which is one of my favorites.

It's too embarrassing for a boy my age to say...


9 years ago

a friend said "listen to this; it's the catchiest song ever". of course i didn't believe her, but actually she was probably right. this treetops mcphoenix
guy is weird but it's sooooo catchy.

Originally - Chuck Berry I believe.


There we go! I've always loved that one!!! (Talk about GUILTY PLEASURES!!!!!)

Crazy frog, I'm afraid. =(


9 years ago

ok, this really is one of the catchiest songs EVER. enjoy

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I've had another go at it L

. OK. You asked for it. For some reason, this little ditty makes my foot start tapping.

That song used to make me sad.....now it just angers me.....like Ron White says, you can't cure Stupid. . . somebody without anything to go back to would have made a better volunteer for the mission. Some how, it reminds me of an old pun about being on the DA's list.

Oh, Nacho:-( *shakes head in disgust* I thought you were cooler than that.... I've been trying to get that one out of my head for 30 years. And everytime I finally quit humming it, an otherwise decent person reminds me!

> trying to get that one out of my head ... reminds me! .

That's in the category of things I used to like when I was young that I really wonder why when I hear it again (aside from the catchy tune.)
Kiss is in there too

for catchy music you cant get out of your head, try signing up with the Yoville ap/game and spending about 5 minutes in there......*sigh*


9 years ago

runs away to hide his head underground

Bonus points if you know who Philippe is :)