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Confused College student Answered

Hey guys, I haven't been posting alot lately, but I remember whenever I would post you guys would have the nicest and thoughtful replies out of any forum I've posted on.... So I was kinda wanting to hear everyone's thoughts on college, careers, etc... I'm 20, currently in community college, have been since I was 18, should have my associates....but no, I don't. Honestly, I haven't taken school seriously at first, haven't applied myself, just done whatever I wanted, and I'm just now getting serious, and the last two semesters, GREATLY improved my GPA and definitely taking school more serious. At the moment I just keep taking general courses since I don't know what to do. I've wanted to do things from fashion design, to web design, personal training, massage therapy, but mainly what I want to do is have my own business eventually. The best case scenario, would be for me to have my own t-shirt line that later turns into a full fledge fashion design. Problem is, telling the parents I want to make t-shirts for a living doesn't always go over well....as well as most business entrepreneurship programs I've researched require calculus...andddd, I'm having trouble passing college algebra..you know? And then part of me is in love with the idea of being a musician...I love to write lyrics, and I've fooled around with recording at home and etc....I'd love to travel, even if I didn't make millions, that's fine....just even able to make enough to survive...I'd be fine if I could pursue that... And thennn, there's all of you! I read books and magazines about DIY and sites like this, and they always have stories about a bunch of young people turning in a empty building into a super awesome music venue, or some other artistic place... Or people that have started new unique businesses and ideas. I mean what the heck! I don't know what to do...I'm about to turn 21 this summer, and have no idea what I want of life, all I know is that I want to have fun doing whatever job I choose, and be able to live comfortably...even if it takes me awhile... And I have no idea how to do that :(




9 years ago

. Skunkbait and caitlinsdad have some excellent advise.
. From what I have seen, it is often the case that employers are looking for someone with any college degree; not necessarily one in a particular field. They will advertise for a specific field, but are mainly looking for someone that has proven they can learn.
. An Arts degree (AA/BA/&c) might be a slight disadvantage for an engineering job, but, you will probably be looking at entry-level jobs where displaying enthusiasm and a drive to learn will be more important.
. Take plenty of electives and mention them on resumes when applicable.


9 years ago

Confusion= Good. Worry=Bad.

Don't sweat it. It sounds like you are on the right path. Get your degree in something you enjoy. Then HANG ON. Life will likely take you some funny places.

A marketable degree is important, but in this climate, it's hard to predict future trends. I really feel like we're on the verge of unbelievable growth, or another great depression.

Here's my advice:

Don't take on too much debt. Try to pay as you go.

Keep your options open as long as you can. Once you are enslaved to a mortgage, and the healthcare system, there's not much "wiggle room".

Make sure you travel. See the world. Otherwise, you may never get the chance.

Have a "back-up plan". If you have carreer or educational setbacks, it's nice to know you can still feed and clothe yourself.

Once you are reasonable stable (with a decent back-up plan), don't be afraid to take some risks. Non-risk takers are the nicest, most predictable and most boring people I know.

Develop an active conscience, and follow it.

Good luck!


9 years ago

Dear Confused College student, You are on the right track in that you are focusing on your schoolwork. It's okay that you haven't found yourself yet and haven't figured out what your career path is. A reality of life is that you need to earn a living even in this poor state of economy. I don't know if have a job yet or have even worked part-time but I believe everyone needs to start out at the bottom to get some kind of experience and to learn something about themselves. Even if you are a burger-flipper or someone mopping up floors, a minimum wage or off-the-books job will teach you about dealing with others, how life is really unfair, and motivate you to learn by watching others. Unless you won the lottery or have filthy rich parents that have not disinheireted you, pick a direction to go in. Complete your degree in some field that you have a general interest in, even a general liberal arts degree if it is possible. That is like getting a new key to unlock more opportunities in life. If there is any part-time positions at your school, maybe just doing admin work in some department, it will help you get your foot into the door for free additional schooling or more time to see what life has to offer. Get help in passing your math courses. Don't be ashamed to ask because you are not the first one to have difficulty with it. It looks like you want to jump right in to get a business started up. You should really try to get an internship somewhere in the fashion industry. Even a retail job at a fashion store will benefit you about learning the business you want to go in. Sales clerks do get training in operations and the culture of the fashion industry at a retail store. For all the other fun stuff, that is on your own time. You find ways to prioritize and focus so that you do have free time. I guess you can find inspiration anywhere but the thing is to take a chance every once in a while. Maybe not for you, but I joined the Army when I was in college. It opened up tremendous opportunities for me. It sucked all the way but I do not regret it at all. I like to take the Forrest Gump approach through life. You can bumble through but don't miss any opportunies to enjoy life. I can tell you that every day will bring a new challenge and you will not know where you will end up later on in lfe. So, I don't know if I helped but get ready for a wild ride the next 20 years in trying to survive as an adult. Good luck.


9 years ago

See that flow over there? Go with it. If you're happy, healthy, and you don't have bailiffs chasing you, then you're successful.